Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue
Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue

OD-808 Overdrive Reissue, Overdrive pedal from Maxon in the Reissue series.

ibanez4life SZ! 04/09/2011

Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue : ibanez4life SZ!'s user review

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The Maxon OD808 features the few characteristics standard to a typical ‘tubescreamer’ overdrive, including

-1 overdrive knob (gain)
-1 balance knob (level)
-1 tone knob
-guitar in and out to amplifiers
-powered by either 9V battery or AC adapter
-JRC4558 IC-based circuit as found in the original Ibanez TS808 tube screamers


Using the Maxon OD808 is quite simple. Depending on your settings, I can be used as a stand alone overdrive over a clean sound, or a boost over an already dirty sound of an amplifier. Hook it up, turn it on, and go!


The Maxon OD808 is easily my favorite of the tubescreamer clones. On its own, it produces a nice and warm overdrive, and can produce a decent amount of crunch even on its own. My favorite application for it is using it as a boost over an already overdrive channel. Setting wise, this is gain off, level up (anywhere between noon and full on depending on the amp), and tone to taste. It pairs amazingly with the gain structure of my Mesa Boogie amplifiers. When running it with a Rectifier, for example, I boost for a much tighter and more response rhythm sound. The tone becomes much crisper and clearer, as the pedal brings out a little more of the midrange, and cuts some lows, which is EQ curve that definitely helps a rectifier. With my Mark IV, I love boosting the lead channel for an amazing smooth and saturated solo tone that just screams. A third application altogether is to boost a medium gain sound for an alternate high gain sound. Whatever the use, the Maxon OD808 delivers beautifully. A final plus for the pedal, the Maxon adds very little noise to my signal path when boosting, which was a problem with some other pedals I had tried before this one.


This pedal is one that every guitarist should own for an additional texture of gain when needed. It is a great tool for adding that little extra ‘something’ to your base sound.