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  • Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive

    Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive - "Classic TubeScreamer style overdrive with sensible modifications. "


    Visual Sound's Route 66 American Overdrive is a modern interpretation of the classic Ibanez TubeScreamer design with the added dual-functionality of a stomp compressor. It is entirely powered by a single 9V input and features True Bypass switching. I…

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - nickname009's review


    2 effects built into one pedal overdrive: with drive, level, tone as well as a bass boost on/off switch compressor: level, tone, gain, with a tone control on/off switch Supposedly analog circuitry as far as I remember. Spec-wise it's very go…

  • Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive

    Truetone Route 66 American Overdrive - moosers's review


    The Visual Sound Route 66 American Overdrive is a pedal designed for electric guitar but can be used with any electronic instrument.  The pedal has standard 1/4 inch connections and requires a nine volt power supply.   The pedal isn't rack mountable …

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - sat4n's review


    The Route 66 is a two in one pedal. On the right (first in the chain) is a compressor that is more or less supposed to sound like a Dynacomp. On the right is an overdrive that is supposed to sound like an old Tube Screamer. I'm not sure how accurate …

Translated user reviews
  • Truetone Double Trouble

    Truetone Double Trouble - " very good od"


    Double overdrive pedal analog format energizable standard 9v. Metal case with special but effective design. Jack in, jack out, and roll youth! UTILIZATION It has two channels designed in the same way (gain tone level, and switch extraordinary lif…

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - Yvan_P's review


    Pedal that combines two in one pedal - A Tubescreamer type overdrive TS-808, - Type compressor Dyna Comp or Ross compressor switch for bass boost on the overdrive interuptor to control the tone of the compressor tone control on two classic…

  • Truetone Drivetrain Overdrive

    Truetone Drivetrain Overdrive - " It's hot, it's beautiful!!"


    Overdrive is a "classic" UTILIZATION Super easy to use, what an overdrive !!!!! SOUND QUALITY I use it mainly with a Start. What I like most about this pedal is the grain of the overdrive. Bought for the birthday of a friend, after testin…

  • Truetone Double Trouble

    Truetone Double Trouble - charlou la fouine's review


    Analog pedal overdrive, allowing for two branches in series TS9 as Stevie Ray Vaughan, o the name of the pedal. 1 IN, 1 OUT, 1 9V adapter jack, battery clip-and below (very convenient indeed +1) UTILIZATION Super-simple, we've jpense not need a …

  • Truetone Route 808

    Truetone Route 808 - FoxMusic's review


    It is a small effect pedal that can complement its line of his (guitar + amp) with a good distortion. As its name suggests (Route 808) it is close to a tube screamer, at any style you can scan with the unit. The effect is analog. a small switch…

  • Truetone Route 66 V2

    Truetone Route 66 V2 - kaktus666's review


    - What are the effects or types of effects available? Compressor and Tube Screamer. - What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) All analog. - Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? Just with your fingers, ears and brain of…