Truetone Route 66 V2
Truetone Route 66 V2

Route 66 V2, Overdrive pedal from Truetone in the V2 series.

nickname009 08/03/2011

Truetone Route 66 V2 : nickname009's user review


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2 effects built into one pedal

overdrive: with drive, level, tone as well as a bass boost on/off switch

compressor: level, tone, gain, with a tone control on/off switch

Supposedly analog circuitry as far as I remember. Spec-wise it's very good and simple to use!


It's basically 2 pedals you set them how you want them and switch'em on. You can use either of the functions or both at the same time which is quite convenient. Depending on your playing style. No actual manual is really needed since it's just 3 knobs for each pedal with their added bonus switches!


This is what surprised me. It sounds GREAT. No it's not a handmade pedal as far as I remember it's made in china, just like 99% of visual sound's stuff.

The overdrive on this is really smooth and does resemble a tube screamer, with the added effect of the bass boost to compensate for those who didn't like how much the tube screamers sucked the bass out. Very usable sound and very surprisingly good!

The compressor is also very effective and can be very subtle or very very exaggerated if you want it to be. I find it quite nice if one wants to tame those highs on a sparkly clean strat or just to balance out the overall sound to make everything sound at even volume. I DID try both together and though I personally didn't find it usable in anyway, it still sounded good together if both were set up in a sort of subtle manner.


This is a great pedal! The overdrive is good and so is the compressor. I personally do not use compressors at all whatsoever but I can tell this is a good one paired up with a good overdrive.

The sound quality is great for both, the overdrive can be used alongside the compressor or each of them by themselves which is great! My only real concerns are that this is the reliability I have no idea if this pedal would last as I didn't really have enough time with it but it looks sturdy for sure. Also for my uses, I would most likely only need the overdrive side, so I don't really get why the pair-up idea was done? I'm sure they sell these pedals separately in case people just want single-function pedals like me?

I mean how often do players usually use compressors with overdrive? I actually don't know many...and I myself don't use compressors much at all. So it seems to be an option provided that may not be so popular? I'm not sure.

However, the overdrive sound is definitely very smooth and musical. This is definitely a 'sleeper' overdrive pedal in my book. Not many people know of visual sound pedals as most of the players I know usually just go straight for the hand made boutique stuff but this is definitely worthy of trying. And like visual sound's youtube video of the blindfold test, most likely 99% of players won't be able to tell a difference anyway!