Truetone Route 66 V2
Truetone Route 66 V2

Route 66 V2, Overdrive pedal from Truetone in the V2 series.

parkerlewis 09/25/2006

Truetone Route 66 V2 : parkerlewis's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
Overdrive + compressuer
Analog pedal
nothing more to add another view see


Config simple but complete
Ultra easy to use
Manual with preset sample but not really needed


Effects of highest quality, with good output
No breath
In short it's heavy and good, sounds both effects independently or coupled, are nickels!


2 years of use
For me, the best pedal overdirve market, it is really terrible!
I tried full of pedals including the famous Tubescreamer and frankly there is no comparison with the compressor and more.
It's a bit expensive for a pedal but try it and you'll realize that it's well worth!!