Truetone Route 66 V2
Truetone Route 66 V2

Route 66 V2, Overdrive pedal from Truetone in the V2 series.

guitarsinger 05/13/2006

Truetone Route 66 V2 : guitarsinger's user review


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This is an overdrive pedals and a team of JRC is compresseur.Elle 4558 as research (in fact it is a tubesreamer TS 808 but with a compressor and more, use s Parmenter or jointly). There is also a bass boost and an overdrive switch ct allowing SETTING THE tone from the overdrive or overdrive and compressor.
There are three knobs (drive, tone volume) for the overdrive, and three for the compressor.
The look is top notch with its color crme diodes and red and green logo and route 66, I love ...


Setup is simple, yes, but be aware each dose effects because it is beautiful PDAL trs noisy and it's only the default.
The manual? A sheet of paper but ...


While the attention this PDAL has an output level dcoiffant absolutely!
Tests on an amp lamps (Peavey Classic 30 ),.... Wow! C pte well!
The compressor section coupled overdrive increases the gain (a TS 808 that saturates more with more grain pais) for a rock sound, rock-hard.
The only drawback is the noise when the two effects are utiliss simultanment: So rducteur noise obligatoire.Avec Boss NS-2 branch in a loop, the problem is rsolu.
A few words about the compressor Super warm and transparent sound he meets when going in clean, a pleasure ...


I have been using 2 mois.Ce I like most is the output level of the pedals and sounds (or clear Overdriver). The ide is to couple a compressor excellente.De over the switch BassBoost frquences keeps the low level of saturation and the "tone" of the compressor acts like a button "contour". There really is a way to carve his blues and rock while ... with a grain vintage lamp Amp rigor to make the most of the pedals ...
For better sound mtal try Jeckyll & Hyde.
I forgot .... rducteur noise mandatory (yes compressor is so loud dj with a saturation ...).
For the report quality price: I paid 155 euros neuve.Mme if a large sum, have a compressor that such a quality coupled overdrive, the fact I find .. .