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  • BST Alpha 12+

    BST Alpha 12+ - "Super"


    - Bien faire chauffer la membrane avant utilisation - basses profondes pour un HP de cette taille c'est impressionnant, - les satellites suivent largement le caisson, - possibilité de coupler un autre caisson de basse en XLR - petit point négatif…

  • JBL EON One

    JBL EON One - "EON One - Late to the Party, but Welcome Nonetheless... with one gripe"


    Already an LD Systems MAUI 28 Line Array owner, I was tiring of lugging the Sub-woofer portion of the system(62 lbs) up multiple flights of stairs. So I began looking for a lighter alternative. The Bose L1 Compact lacked the power-overhead my solo…

  • Fender Passport 500 Pro

    Fender Passport 500 Pro - "Record Live"


    The Fender Passport 500 Pro is a portable PA system that has a clear sound and worked well for all of our live applications. It is an 8 channel system that allows you to record your live performances right to a USB drive, it does record in a high qu…

  • Roland CM-220

    Roland CM-220 - "200 watts total"


    The Roland Cm-220 is a speaker monitoring system that has two 50w speakers and a 110W powered sub. The size of this system will seem small when you have it and look at it, but don’t be misled because the Roland CM-220 has a huge sound that you can us…

  • the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle

    the box CL 108/115 Basis Bundle - "Great budget active PA"


    What thing do you like most/least about it? For the budget end of the active PA range it has great build quality and sounds impressive as well. I've been using it at a lot of mobile DJ gigs over the last 6 months and it's been working great. Handl…


    Bose 502 PANARAY EXTENDED - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Blackmen/translated from Audiofanzine FR) - How long have you been using it? About three years - Which feature do you like the most / the least? This system doesn't convince me, it has phase problems, a lousy sound…

  • Dynacord D-Lite 2000

    Dynacord D-Lite 2000 - modernsound's review


    I have had the D-lite 2000 for 2 1/2 now. What I like most about this system Is how light It Is. It Is very light to transport I did try other models before I bought this system such as EAW, Mackie, Yorkville, QSC. The System Is very good and reli…

Translated user reviews
  • LD Systems MAUI 44

    LD Systems MAUI 44 - " Convincingly"


    Before we begin, I want to clarify that I am a musician, I play blues rock with a group consisting of a drummer, a bassist, a keyboard and yours truly on guitar and vocals. We have neither the same needs or the same ridiculous requirements that most …

  • HK Audio Lucas Nano 300

    HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 - " not bad"


    used for 1 year I have not tried other models before most: transport, use (it is electrically and it left branch), speed of installation, it looks solid. least: I think for the price it is not growing enough and lacks a USB port price not ba…

  • LD Systems MAUI 11

    LD Systems MAUI 11 - " need to play as a deaf"


    Hello Dream week ordered Monday delivered on Thursday tried Sunday finally an invisible sound, powerful and a more than respectable its I never got back there and I have, and what returns the sound is very smooth and powerful enough to wrap…