Samson Technologies PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Samson Technologies Auro D210

    Samson Technologies Auro D210 - "D210 sounds like the Behringer B210 but it cost more?"


    The Samson Auro D210 is very similar to the Behringer EuroLive series of PA speakers. But it cost more, which is a big problem when purchasing this speaker. This cabinet is a 2 Way active speaker that is great with your live sound. It is a great spe…

  • Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i

    Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i - "simple"


    The XP40i is a 2 channel 40 watt amp, it is very portable and provides a very clean sound for whatever you want to use it for. Even if you where to play music through it with the built in iPod socket you will get a great warm sound for it to only be …

  • Samson Technologies XP308i

    Samson Technologies XP308i - "Mixer but no mic"


    The Expedition XP3098i is a portable PA system that comes with 2 150 watt speakers. It does not come with a microphone but it does have an 8 channel mixer that it comes with. Also it has the iPod socket and a simple reverb effect that really does not…

  • Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw

    Samson Technologies Expedition XP40iw - "good but only 40 watts"


    The XP40iw is a 2 channel 40 watt portable PA system that can be used for the most basic situations. If you are running a small conference or even some sort of a meeting then it will work great. One plus with it is that it does have a built in iPod s…

  • Samson Technologies Live! 615

    Samson Technologies Live! 615 - "Decent sound for the price"


    The Samson Technologies Live 615 are very underated, most people havent even heard of these or even know that they exist. I don't like the sound of traditional keyboard amps - most aren't bi-amped and for the most part, you gotta buy two to get stere…

  • Samson Technologies EXL250

    Samson Technologies EXL250 - "great sounding speakers"


    For $500 this portable PA system is working great. I bought it for a DJ gig in a fairly large restaurant space, and I never had to go above 60% on the master volume. Clear as a bell, no giant booming bass, but bass responsive is fine. I'll get a subw…

  • Samson Technologies RS12 HD

    Samson Technologies RS12 HD - moosers's review


    The Samson Audio RS12 HD's are passive PA speakers designed for a variety of purposes. The setting which I've used these speakers has been in a practice space with a band. Along with the Samson Audio XM410 mixer, some good friends of mine in a band…

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