Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i
Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i

Expedition XP40i, Portable PA Speaker Cabinet from Samson Technologies in the Expedition Rechargeable series.

JimboSpins 11/07/2012

Samson Technologies Expedition XP40i : JimboSpins's user review

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The XP40i is a 2 channel 40 watt amp, it is very portable and provides a very clean sound for whatever you want to use it for. Even if you where to play music through it with the built in iPod socket you will get a great warm sound for it to only be 40 watts. The sound is not anything that can rock a club or live show but it is great for small parties and small venues with not that many people.
This unit, unlike other similar 40 watt speakers has a bass and treble control on it so you can have a little better control over how you want the sound to fit the environment around you. The woofer that is on it is only 6 inches which really makes your low end sound weak but as I stated this is not something you buy for the club. It is great for announcements or outdoor cookouts and other events of that nature.
This unit’s best feature is that it is very light and portable. You can just pick it right up after you are done using it right on the top of the unit and take it with you. The frequency response is 70 Hz-17 kHz which is pretty standard for 40 watt amps. The EQ has a 2 band master EQ and there is 1 solid microphone preamp on this unit.
The XP40i does not come with a microphone. So for the price of 250 I would think that it should come with a microphone because some of the other speakers that are made by companies like Peavey put this style of unit out with a microphone for that price.
I was using this unit earlier this year and I think it is a great value for the price. It is a great choice for someone who needs a smaller speaker system.