Samson Technologies dB1800a

dB1800a, Active subwoofer from Samson Technologies in the dB series.

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electromode 01/15/2012

Samson Technologies dB1800a : electromode's user review

«  ideal to be coupled to the samson live 615 »

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I use it for about 3 months.

I chose to take this box to extend the low of 615 live. And frankly I'm not on it. good power for an average room (100/150 people).

+: Price, sound quality, power
-: Clutter. it takes up space beast. but hey it fits well in a course 3!

on the quality / price ratio, for the price where you can find it I think it's really good. good power for rooms.

With my experience, I would do the same choice, and I would say that if I had more room in the car I would buy a second.