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ericlassarde 02/24/2006

Samson Technologies EX500 : ericlassarde's user review


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When I saw the price of the chard, I could not help but to buy two (because it is the cheapest in the market for identical CHARACTERISTICS). I head into the Mackie SRM 450 (RAS). I wanted to beginners buy the mackie sub for the price but I really frn. In addition, a pot I bought one to put in his studio to repeat, and had lots of problems with (the hp broke. So I started and I bought 2 EX500. I especially the mobile disco, so I need a big potato in the lower. Well, I am delighted with the record of these two amazing subs. There's really way to deal with as we want is trs simple, and sounds mchant. With my heads, coincided perfectly. was a year that I have and I never had a problem. A buy without hesitation.