Bose 301 series II
Bose 301 series II
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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 4 reviews50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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doudou715's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Exceptional for their size and age!"

Bose 301 series II
I grew up with these speakers that my father had even bought him when he was 17, he is now 47 I have recovered and they came to my office (about 20m). They and the amp (Kenwood KA-880D) have a whole lot of hours on the clock and yet the sound is still stunning! Bass, treble and medium (when you push a bit eq) it's great. Close your eyes, sit down, you can imagine you at a concert. Despite their somewhat vintage look which also suits me well, they are very highly reliable product with great sound, they have not aged a bit.
Price aside, today I recommend investing in it rather than speakers for much more expensive and lower quality generally, and I mean it!

radikal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bose 301 series II
By dint hear good bass on small speakers Bose in bars j've decided to marque.Après interest to some research on Audiofanzine c is the model 301 series 2 that I have retenu.J have already tried Yamaha NS10, Alesis Monitor 2, Dynaudio BM15A, Cabasse Sampan 310. The Bose 301 are medium in size, which is surprising when you hear the sound quality, they generate clean power and especially the presence of pleasant low as c is kiffant of funk, rap, rnb, soul .. well .. it purrs on the other hand I found that there is a lack in the midrange, a problem that is compensated on the equalization of the amp. Around 150 euros a pair of secondhand in good condition, c is very good. Of course the amp is very important, greatly influences the final result.

ycaflo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ITS AMAZING"

Bose 301 series II
Purchased with HS suspensions boomers, I changed without too much difficulty. They were first DriveES through an amp Technics SU7700 I quickly replaced by SCOTT A436 driver with the card and new power transistors. A cocktail I recommend you to listen, for instance, live atmosphere, I'm in love with these speakers that do not pay mine. Like what, the dress ...

Riowen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fabulous speakers and lively."

Bose 301 series II
I bought these speakers used in love, not their visual leaves to be desired, but not very impressive quality sonor.

I'm 16, and these are my first hi-fi speakers.

The deep bass and treble quality make us forget our problems.
For their small size, they give a power néenmoins inpressionantes that convien perfectly for a party.

The Dr.BOSE have not finished surprising us. I aillor of Bose headsets MIE2i. And also Interaudio Bose XL 1000 for my PC.

Even for hundreds of dollars, these speakers are worth.

To listen without moderation!

JG/audio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bose 301 series II
I acqurit tale with the speaker or rather my father has acqurit that I have become very good speakers it is true that the finish is rather low quality but the components are the pure luxury of deep bass provided by a 20cm hp very acute and precise end (though it does not tweter Posed)
ensured by acute medium deuw hp 8cm Posse has given way to a large dirctivit sound very realistic medium and its specific on that.
The +: the high-end component, deep bass sound and specific on
the -: finish and raise the price a bit but for a reason
The report will be very good quality price even if they are a bit CHRE new.
REFERRED with exprience I can gladly be there if the 301 Series 3 to Series 2 is the newest

pierrot60's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bose 301 series II
I knew this place in the living room of my father 15 years ago (at least). Since then, these little creatures have become mine, and I use them every day on a marantz amp and recently a Yamaha RX-V450 Yamaha and platinum, monster cables, all in a room of 15m2 approx.

On the visual level, they are not wonderful, like all Bose products. Finish enough "low end" preques I find vulgar.

When you turn on the whole, the 301 Series II give us something else that might suggest the visual ... Clear sound, deep bass, which accelerate quickly and with no inertia.
The mids and highs are clear and precise, and this place does not mind turning at high speed, if the amplifier is able to follow, because they require an amp with a 50-60w per channel.

In conclusion, these speakers are very few in circulation now, but they méritient to be heard. Not up to the speaker (very) high-end, one must be aware of their limitations.
They may meet people who want a relatively good quality of HiFi without putting hundreds of € uros in their enclosures.

The main difficulty is to get one pair ...

This is my own opinion and I am open to any discussion .44

HiFi Setup: Bose 301 Series II Amplifier Yamaha RX-V45O movies, CD player Yamaha CDX-397 MKII and monster cables.
POP music, classical, jazz and soul ...

centurygold's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bose 301 series II
View and review, and especially listening to: A serious medium light paper provided with a big foam suspension of nearly all the 20 cm bass reflex loading all of the speaker. The event opens at two thirds the height of the enclosure that's it! the event is facing up. The upper part above the plastic grid houses two speakers curious if I may say two senior highs mediums of about 8cm in diameter bowl with closed support close "just put" in the direction of the length of the enclosure
and oriented so that gives her the famous "direct reflection." The unit is manufacturing even see any flashy at all levels including the hps that really cheap but a very nice surprise awaits the listener: listening to the modest set provides a nice feeling of ventilation and of sound envelope and has no weakness pronounced even at high level! the image and the directivity is very good even if you try to trap them by leaving them out a lot. The concept is not a selling point here is fulfilling its role. The present serious rather quickly without being heavy, medium air and remains on even after the classic give life to this little box.
despite its price was still high in manufacturing a new and cheap, the purchase was motivated based on the results really convincing that this "ridiculous little pregnant" procurait.Ceux that n was not too much space or do not want to clutter s pregnant large but oh! how much more powerful could do whatever choice without sacrificing standards hifi hard and fast. The notes will be from 8 to cause the production "too cheap" clean BOSE sold for fort.n not forget that a receiver of at least 50watts/canal is essential for "driver" to return these speakers very average.
It was one of the few good small speakers on the market to provide as many sensations and musical punch. They are still scarce TODAY hui.Il simply to listen. Even novices will ear the sorts especially in the absence of "cheap so many sellers."

songprogress's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Bose 301 series II
Very good speakers
- Fairly accurate musicality
- Bass
- Realistic mediums
- Acute balanced
- (Not pregnant super modern, but at least 100 times better than some speakers today) reference product