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Yamaha Passive Monitors user reviews

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - "quality"


    The Yamaha NS10M’s are a very good investment for someone who is looking for affordable monitors for their personal studio at home. You cant really complain about anything when it comes to the NS10m’s. They have become very popular to home music make…

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by John Michael on Audiofanzine FR. Near-field monitor speakers Used in home studio Marantz PM4001 amp SOUNDS Let's be clear: these speakers were conceived to check how a mix/recording will sound with most systems (sma…

  • Yamaha MS10

    Yamaha MS10 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha MS10s are a set of passive studio monitors that are designed for professional recording studios. They are suitable for all sorts of applications in the studio including mixing and monitoring. Since they are a passive set of monitors they d…

  • Yamaha NS-10M

    Yamaha NS-10M - moosers's review


    I got a pair of Yamaha NS-10Ms because, like many, I feel that the mixes I get on them translate well to other listening environments. They are pretty normal speakers, which is part of the reason that so many people love to use them to A/B mixes. I r…

Translated user reviews
  • Yamaha NS-1000M

    Yamaha NS-1000M - " Exceptional clarity and low distortion of the medium" has images


    I just bought them on 11/21/14 near Lyon. SN 17744 L + R. Interested in the famous medium to beryllium dome which I heard on a forum ("best midrange ever" http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-158354.html). They are very nice -the talk…

  • Yamaha NS-100M

    Yamaha NS-100M - " top notch !!"


    following several listenings to buy monitoring, I stumbled upon this pair of speakers I already knew the NS10M; this one stands out with a much wider bandwidth and more accurate than the NS10. the presence of three speakers is not for nothing. co…

  • Yamaha NS-1000M

    Yamaha NS-1000M - " Jazz Reference Studio 80 '"


    3-way passive Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz Power: 100W Impedance: 8Ω Bass: 30 cm cone Midrange: 88mm dome Beryllium Tweeter: 30mm dome Dimensions: 710 x 395 x 369mm Weight: 39kg per unit SOUNDS - Very neutral, yes, very cle…

  • Yamaha MS10

    Yamaha MS10 - wallacespartam's review


    Amplified monitor SOUNDS Very good OVERALL OPINION A very good tool with front, volume / high / bass, very convenient. Very nice, does not fatigue the ear, good dynamics it looks a little to the side for NS10M cold and right, ideal for catc…

  • Yamaha NS-10M

    Yamaha NS-10M - " the reference"


    2-way passive tweeter + 1 * 16cm; close; 60w max. agglo black wooden box; terminals. boomers fragile. SOUNDS fairly neutral, beautiful mid, bandwidth: 100Hz-10kHz (+ /-1db) missing subs and high bright, no need to mix, but sub recommended. if the…

  • Yamaha NS-10M Studio

    Yamaha NS-10M Studio - " view shared ..."


    I had purchased because they are in most studios, considered classics etc. .. for the monitoring of course .. used with the A100A amp yamaha .. SOUNDS very great lack of bass! good dynamics, good stereo, the sound is very clear in the mids and tr…