Yamaha NS-10M Studio
Yamaha NS-10M Studio
stompboxjon 05/17/2012

Yamaha NS-10M Studio : stompboxjon's user review

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The Yamaha NS10M’s are a very good investment for someone who is looking for affordable monitors for their personal studio at home. You cant really complain about anything when it comes to the NS10m’s. They have become very popular to home music makers over the last few years and continue to grow do to the price cuts on them online. It seems like the price of them slides down little by little. But that doesn’t mean they arent good because they are. Unfortunately a lot of users expect more when they get these. They expect a professional studio sound to be coming out of these babies when they open them out of the box. Well the truth is in order to get million dollar studio quality , you have to have million dollar studio equipment. Plain and simple. But you can get close to million dollar studio quality if you are on a budget and know what you are doing.


The high’s , low’s and mid’s are all pretty good clear and accurate. If you are mastering in these make sure you don’t let your low end over power your mix. Because it is kind of easy with these because they low end is nice and think and full. So on your master track you will have to cut the real low end out or else when you press the song out on cd or wherever and play it back on a different system it will have way to much bass going on in the entire song. Make sure you understand your monitors well.


Overall, I think I like the value for what you pay for these and what you get. You pay a really low price for the NS110M’s and get a really good quality. In today’s market that’s what we all want is to feel like we got a deal on a great product and you will have that satisfaction with these.