Yamaha NS-1000M
Yamaha NS-1000M
Eloïse-MBo 11/21/2014

Yamaha NS-1000M : Eloïse-MBo's user review

«  Exceptional clarity and low distortion of the medium »

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I just bought them on 11/21/14 near Lyon. SN 17744 L + R. Interested in the famous medium to beryllium dome which I heard on a forum ("best midrange ever" http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-158354.html). They are very nice -the talkers What-
This is the Monitor model (such as photos and 31 kg lighter because less thick panels, a little smaller: with grid on bass) The initial goal was to recover the medium to put them in place of the medium my B & W 802S1 provided of course that there is a plus. This requires disconnecting the crossover.

They are connected to my Yamaha M-70 ... a marriage of reason;) they are represented by sketches in the YAM user manual!

Reference is made to the NS-1000 in the book of Martin Colloms "High Performance Loudspeakers" good omen! They are in the list of the monthly November 2002 Stereophile "Best top 25 speakers of past 40 years" special edition entitled "40 years of Stereophile" ditto for the B & W 801 close to my 802S1

23.11.2014 the active filter in 48dB steps DCX2496 LR 500-5000Hz no no PEQ GEQ on DEQ 2496
sound card TASCAM US-366 (famous too!) micro Behringer 8000 (uncalibrated! this can explain the points to 10 kHz that I do not have with the microphone standard. I can not use the standard because I am on the Tascam ASIO and is a micro USB) microphone is placed about 1.5 m NS-1000M roughly in line (2-3 °) finally I turn a little (2-3 °) on the side. Harmonic distortion (objective) is incredibly low close to 0.3% as shown in the manufacturer data sheet (<0.5%) I have met.
Figure 7 with B & W 802 Audax direct attack of M-70 (active filters)
8 JA801 (NS-1000M) alone (with built-in crossover pictures)
there is the effect of other HP far higher distortion (close to 1% which is not bad)
Finally, whenever one NS-1000M (with its crossover) distortion is more important everywhere, the medium is a bit "polluted" by the grave (bass has more distortion) connection to 500 Hz is not too bad, there is a hole to 5000 Hz. High & medium settings are 0 dB They do not respond so high than Audax SEAS
1- if the Tascam potentiometer is somewhat increased and the red LED will light saturation, THD pass on the 1%
2- the measurement is relative to the volume, add about 30 dB, this is a real play deaf or not a studio room with curios cabinets that vibrate ... I had to cut the air conditioning because of the fan heater, there is the transformer hum of 3 amps yeah microphone captures everything!
3- if based on measurements of bandwidth and distortion is very good but ... see sounds (subjective)


First review ... (subjective)
High are good but a little behind compared to my Audax-SEAS association. No-I mean a little-too garish.
The medium is expected to be exceptional clarity. The piano and vocals have an exceptional record in great detail!
The lack of low magnitude (it is true that I have not well positioned and not set the equalizer -graphique or better for this parametric measurements with REW and https://www.roomeqwizard.com/ Chapter checker DCX2496). There is already a significant improvement by superimposing (one speaker to the other so to 675 mm of ground). The stereo wait a bit ... it's currently under construction! I recall that my piece is particularly difficult to add sound. Now playing at the moment Girlfriend Album Dancefloor Winter 2009 (I listen to classical to techno, to dance) one of the best in the series also.

The medium / high correctors are very effective with a wide adjustment range and good resolution (fine adjustment), it does not spitting after so many years ...
I have been able to verify that it is possible to adjust the ear ± 1 dB bass level compared to medium or acute (-volume- the relative level of Figure 7 has been set to the ear ) listening to music, I go up gradually until you find that there are too many, I note the position decreases to too little, I put the setting in the middle after several attempts.

the 22/11 I started testing the medium and stereo active filtering. Settings 500 kHz and 6 (LR 48 dB / oct) and without really surprises is much better! The medium is clearer, more details -in the first Trial- but there is a small stain (current equalizer settings) I can not explain its origin.


As shown in my profile, it is not my first HP. Choice TBC compared to others like B & W that are MA reference, let me add that sometimes I have time to enjoy a new sound ... it's also as for CDs, sometimes I not love at first listen to worship then.

Possible improvements:
- There is a fairly comprehensive website that offers a http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Yamaha-NS1000.htm replacement filter kit Looking at the filter parameters, we see that it is a low pass which is - 3 dB at 250 Hz, -6 dB at 300 Hz the medium starting at about 500 Hz, so there was a "hole" that gives the impression of lack of bass.
Note that after more than 30 years the condos had to lose their ability, not too bad for the 2 x 47 uF low (this increases the low pass up) but the 6 x 3.5 uF the high pass will increase the frequency of the high pass of the medium, same for the 2.7 uF tweeter.
- It is possible to put another 30 cm, I found the Thiele & Small parameters serious HP. It was not very difficult to find more efficient at the time. Firms was done competing to offer the best, I do not always understand the choices marketing! This would give a legendary HP.
- There are child the opportunity to one or more vents ...

The body is well built with many reinforcements. The wiring is neat, the volume filled with glass wool!
Medium of the magnets are enormous diameter 156 and 30 mm deep, it feels good A / m and other Tesla (1.6T). The cast aluminum mounting plate is 10 mm and has markings for polarity. The dome is doubly protected grid + 3 steel legs; Beryllium is I recall very toxic! It is closed at the rear and behaves like a closed chamber.
The filter is mounted on the support plate very accessible terminal, remove the 14 screws Philips, the son are long enough for convenient access (congratulations also on this) The air coils are mounted at 90 ° to minimize coupling.

What about the overall? A lack of consistency or uniformity between the three channels; This has apparently been fixed in version NS-2000 very difficult to find and very expensive. It uses the JA-0526A for the tweeter and JA-0802A for medium ...
The volume of the woofer is indented! (this is also valid for the alignment, they are not aligned;) I'm talking about the distance to the listener, not centering on the front panel -seen on forum- ;). Then filter problem or woofer? For the filter, I'll attack in active filter, I will put my measurements ...maybe the French version only
My conclusion: a pity for this little missed (bass) which must be corrected inexpensively, I'm going to tackle ...I do not trust on YAM only for my XT350

JP pictures
1 rack of amplifier, I still have to replace the bulbs of the second M-70
2 NS-1000 and B & W
3 T & S parameters in WinISD (freeware to calculate speaker box) http://www.linearteam.dk/
4 Response theoretical frequency woofer with built-in filter
5 filter caps
6 filter chokes
7 bandwidth and distortion measurements REW B & W 802S1 - JA801 - Audax SEAS
8 bandwidth and distortion measurements REW JA801 only
9 bandwidth and distortion measurements with NS-1000M crossover

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