E-MU 1616M
E-MU 1616M

1616M, PCMCIA Soundcard from E-MU.

Dada 11/04/2005

E-MU 1616M : Dada's user review


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I have this card recently, I give my opinion anyway (although I have not been around 100%) for spontaneous info! I will publish can be later!

I wear my choice on this model because of the adat, the preamps hq, and port pcmcia in which I have more confidence that the fw. with more means I would have opted for the traveler, at a minimum, although fw; in this price range, the 1616m was the logical choice to my current needs. Use pro, taken lives and large home studio.
only 4 Analog inputs (not including 2 XLR), pity there was not 6 all the same ...
CAT5 cable a little short on well.
Install on Sony VAIO VGN a-115b, 1g ram, xp pro, AC works nickel.


I moved naturally, no problem, no really! AC was working on nickel!
No worries far config relatively easy once you freelance software patch.
Manual paper a little short on the most comprehensive cd.


Not enough perspective to the stability of the whole ... but a priori AC works well.
I'm not looking to beat records with latency, I am 50 (default) for now, it will run seamlessly with 14 in (2 XLR, 4 year, 8 adat), 2 out (I mix more often on the computer, so I just 2Track). I only audio, no noon.


I've had three days (!), And BIG advantage is of course the quality of the preamps and converters. When we come out of the 2408 motu (in my case) is actually obvious, and even stunning! high dynamic, large definition, punch! just for ca it's worth it! Lack of light on the rack as my taste, forces always have the PatchMix a mouse scope to see the meters. pretty embarrassing ca. I remake a post a few months.