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Peavey Max user reviews

  • Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition

    Peavey MAX 115 2013 Edition - "Very nice and loud simple amp"


    I play bass most of the time in a church. I have my equipment there(bass cabs and head). I want to buy something simple, and cheap that I can carry to some small/medium gigs without move my main equipment from my local church so I decide to try this …

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - "Better than Fender Rumble 15."


    Features Great tone! TransTube emulation circuitry Modern/vintage voicing switch 3-band EQ 15W power 8" speaker Tape/CD in Headphone out Small, compact, lightweight cabinet. UTILIZATION The Max 158 Bass amp is supremely easy to use. It's n…

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - " Really good!"


    So I model 20 watts. UTILIZATION Very easy. 3 buttons and a switch vintage / modern. The good sound is easy to obtain. The use of an external source is top notch. You can connect an iPod and the headphones work which is a huge + SOUNDS I us…

  • Peavey MAX 110

    Peavey MAX 110 - " Although functional"


    2 preamp settings I guess: Modern and Vintage are correct. Good ample power if, like me, you have a low active. Very nice: RCA line inputs. I plug my Mac above (headphone) and Guitar PRO, I run the piece by removing the bass and I play "over". M…

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - " amplifier" has images


    - Transistor amplifier with a simulated tube amplifier. - No connection apart from a cable. - Power of 15 watts (8 HP) - Adjustment: | Gain | Vintage / Modern | Low / Mid / High | CD / Line in | Power | UTILIZATION The configuration is …

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - " Good Peavey"


    - Combo 15 Watt, 8-speaker, "EQ (Bass / Mid / Treble), a fashion vintage fashion and a" modern "setting of the gain, auxiliary RCA input and headphone output jack 6.35" ... UTILIZATION The setup is simple? - Setup? you plug - you play The manu…

  • Peavey MAX 158

    Peavey MAX 158 - bopel's review


    Small amp (15 watt bowl 8 ") Cheap, small (36 cm x 30 cm) x 23 cm), lightweight (8 kg), and convenient to play at home without breaking the ears of his neighbors. It "sounds" pretty good with my bass electro-acoustic (Cort), with its two audio opti…

  • Peavey MAX 110

    Peavey MAX 110 - ritonhue's review


    CHARACTERISTICS: well, a small bass combo amp transistors, which dlivre a small 30W altogether correct. I do not know the HP, I never opened the box. But it is an 8-inch. Connectivity simple and effective: Between a mono jack, Between an RCA li…

  • Peavey MAX 450

    Peavey MAX 450 - pyl86's review


    Head transistors fonctonnant into 8, 4 and 2 ohm 450W max while jack eq. for parametric mids, Pre / Post Balanced Line Output plus an effects loop UTILIZATION Simple Config we get easily a good sound if he sticks a compressor on the butto…

  • Peavey MAX 126

    Peavey MAX 126 - OlDiver's review


    HP. 6.5 " Vintage Adjustable Gain switch TransTube Line input for CD player headphone (...) Dimensions 11.25 "(286mm) H x 6.87" (175mm) W x 11.75 "(298mm) L Weight 5 Kg UTILIZATION For a bass amp, anyway, the configuration can not be that…