Peavey MAX 110
Peavey MAX 110

MAX 110, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Peavey in the Max series.

ritonhue 06/06/2008

Peavey MAX 110 : ritonhue's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
CHARACTERISTICS: well, a small bass combo amp transistors, which dlivre a small 30W altogether correct. I do not know the HP, I never opened the box. But it is an 8-inch.
Connectivity simple and effective:
Between a mono jack,
Between an RCA line ("cinch" for the old ... ahem I will not make me any friends here ) Cd player or anything else,
1 headphone output jack. That's it!

Rglages: basic, 1 volume, 1 bass equalizer / medium / high with a lil more bonus, switch, modern / vintage


Setup could not be more simple, the knobs ragissent well. Getting a good sound, well, what you're looking for adpend, I will not either .. polmiquer In any case the power max110 dlivre trs sound enough to play alone. Obviously not in groups. The maximum level is reached quickly on the path of the volume knob (2-3 dj's good, and breaks the ears). Follows a kind of compression because I think the technology used to simulate the lamps. Good is not the panacea but it is rather nice.
The equalizer Ragit softly. But Galis, that's all you asked ...


My style of music, I do not particularly, so I can say that this amp suits me, yes. I play with a low plutt "entry level" for 1 year with the two who bought at the same time.
The bass is an Ibanez GSR200, which sounds dlivre versatile (one mic type double precision, and a simple type Jazzbass, + a knob to boost asset that sends a little pure.

I admit this low possde a large output level, so the receiver also sends (o Previous note with the volume knob ...) but I get sounds from " ultra-loudness ", but when not trs prcis same, sounds more funky in the e mdiums any and everything. The amp Ragit well, except when I put the boost on the low block, the ca saturates, so good ...


I use the past year, he never gave me default. Paris Pigalle bought, used, I wanted a small bass amp history aisment it transportable, but sends a minimum to please me. Well the one I do not have to a.
I'm not a big fan of bass sounds for now, as plutt guitar 6 strings ... So my opinion is irrelevant for bassists confirmation, which also should not read this ...
To all those people who wish beginners this fabulous instrument, electric bass, I recommend this little amp that is very cheap compared to the crap that can dgoter elsewhere ... Excellent price quality ratio I would say.
Here then I rant against the "beginners packs" that spin 5W amps unusable and causing more than a rejection tural adoption of the instrument for beginners ... With 350 I bought my bass and this amp, and I have no regrets at all.