Peavey MAX 158
Peavey MAX 158

MAX 158, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Peavey in the Max series.

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ManuTrujillo 12/18/2010

Peavey MAX 158 : ManuTrujillo's user review

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- Transistor amplifier with a simulated tube amplifier.

- No connection apart from a cable.

- Power of 15 watts (8 HP)

- Adjustment:

| Gain | Vintage / Modern | Low / Mid / High | CD / Line in | Power |


The configuration is simple.

The manual?

This gives a good sound condition has not fully pushing the gain if you have a fuzz that you do not really want to hear.


This amp is perfect for my style of music (metal, funk, punk, rock ,...).

It sounds easily obtained:

Low: The low (+ vintage for a big heavy sound)
Mid: Sound with a slight distortion (dirty sound) (+ a vintage distortion)
High: Crystal clear sound

Mix everything together and get all the sound you want!

I play bass with Ibanez GSR 200 + a distal (DS-1) from time to time.

I love the clear sound of this amp but I hate to push his way, as a disto installs.


I use this amp for 1 year is my first I do not hide and I am delighted.
I love the ease of handling.
But the gain is quite useless it would require a master volume or more effective.
The quality / price ratio is perfect.
With experience I think that choice again I still would tend to a Hartke. Exellent

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