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Peavey Special user reviews

  • Peavey Special 130

    Peavey Special 130 - "The Best Solid State Guitar Amp Made"


    This was the first SS amp I ever owned and I was immediately very impressed by its huge, warm sound, not to mention the powerful, clean headroom this amp offers. I had played tube amps exclusively for 40 years and felt no need or urge to change until…

  • Peavey Special 130

    Peavey Special 130 - "Peavey Special 130 Combo"


    A novice friend sold this amp to me for 100 bucks US. Pros: Believed to be one of the best amps Peavey's ever made. Though it's a solid state, it does a fantastic job of sounding like a tube amp. I put an 8 ohm speaker in there for added depth. C…

  • Peavey Special 130

    Peavey Special 130 - " Top of the transistor"


    Transistor 130w combo reverb equa simple / light switch is saturated with all that grows 12 inches rickshaw, heads transistor 100w peavey 4x10 cab mounted do not follow! UTILIZATION No manual is part and it sounds terrible rock on every floor S…

  • Peavey Special 112

    Peavey Special 112 - Guizmosshart's review


    Lamp 160 watt true jack of a laed and background tou the adjustment possoble imaginable on an amp 1 jack effect bocou of reglace (bass mid treble treble) ossi well as clean the pr pr the distortion, exellen well qun little difficult to adj…

  • Peavey Special 130

    Peavey Special 130 - xavier13730's review


    Very good amp with a transistor amp the east to the metal This amp has a power of 130 watts Rms 2 between input, output 2 speaker, preamp in and out, and footswitch 2 Channels: lead channel gain (with its saturated gain and possibility to in…