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Pedalboards / Pedalcases news

  • [NAMM] Temple Audio T-Series pedalboards

    [NAMM] Temple Audio T-Series pedalboards

    07/22/14 in Temple Audio Design Trio 17

    Temple Audio Design showcased at Summer NAMM 2014 its T-Series pedalboards that can host your pedals without velcro.

  • Kinsman KUPB8 Pedalboard

    Kinsman KUPB8 Pedalboard

    08/29/12 in Kinsman KUPB8

    Kinsman introduces the KUPB8 pedalboard.

  • Grid1 Pedal Jeanie Jr

    Grid1 Pedal Jeanie Jr

    07/20/11 in Grid1 Pedal Jeanie Jr

    Earlier this year, Grid 1 launched a battery-powered pedalboard called the Pedal Jeanie at the 2011 winter NAMM show: now they've come up with the Jr. model.

  • SKB 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote

    SKB 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote

    05/29/11 in SKB Footnote 1SKB-FN-8

    SKB Corporation presents the 1SKB-FN-8 FootNote amplified pedalboard.

  • [NAMM] Grid1 Pedal Jeanie

    [NAMM] Grid1 Pedal Jeanie

    01/12/11 in Grid1 Pedal Jeanie

    Grid 1 will be launching a battery-powered pedalboard called the "Pedal Jeanie".

  • Godlyke releases Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape

    Godlyke releases Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape

    07/15/10 in Godlyke Power-Grip Pedal Mounting Tape

    Godlyke, Inc. announced the release of Power-All Power-Grip pedal mounting tape for mounting effect pedals securely to a pedalboard.

  • F16 Pedalboard

    F16 Pedalboard

    08/12/09 in LYT Pedalboards F16

    The F16 is made of lightweight wood composite material like other LyT boards, measures 16 inches long by 16 inches tall and weighs only 3.5 lbs.

  • [NAMM] Lava CPS Pedal System

    [NAMM] Lava CPS Pedal System

    02/01/09 in Lava Cable Lava CPS Configurable Pedal Board System

    Lava Cable introduces the Lava CPS™ (Configurable Pedal Board System) — a configurable pedal board.