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  • Pedaltrain Classic Pro w/ Tour Case

    Pedaltrain Classic Pro w/ Tour Case - "Really sturdy!"


    The flight case seems very sturdy and well-finished, and so does the aluminium pedalboard: that’s the main reason behind my choice. The hard case’s sides are made of plywood birch over 5mm-thick. The hardware seems reliable too. The price is far from…

  • Behringer PB1000 Pedal Board

    Behringer PB1000 Pedal Board - "A Pedal Board for Beginners to Advanced" has images


    SOUND: The electronics and electrical supply of the PB100 are of sufficient quality to maintain sound integrity. I did not notice a sound quality difference whether connecting with an expensive power supply (the Carl Martin Pro Power v2) or the int…

  • Temple Audio Design Trio 28

    Temple Audio Design Trio 28 - "An endlessly modular, high-quality pedalboard king" has images


    Used to shelter the 3 Strymon (Timeline, Bigsky and Mobius), an Origin Effect Cali76 Compact Deluxe, the Xotic Wah and SL Drive, the TC Electronic mini Spark, polytune mini and Ditto looper, the Boss DS-2 and TC Electronic Spark (both used for vocals…

  • Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case

    Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case - "Road-worthy solution for your pedals!"


    Pedaltrain have made a name for themselves in recent years as the go-to brand for basic, un-powered pedalboards that serve as the platform for guitarists building their own self-contained pedal arsenal. The Pedaltrain Pro is made of a durable, matte-…

  • Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case

    Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case - "Super great pedalboard!"


    The Pedaltrain PT-Pro is a super sturdy and durable pedalboard. I haven't had any worries of it breaking on me and it can take a lot of abuse. I've had a few different production pedalboards. The SKB PS-45 and PS-25, a Gator pedal board or two. The p…

  • Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case

    Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Soft Case - "Solid Pedalboard"


    The specs: Durable aluminum alloy pedalboard Open, elevated, angled frame design Easily holds a wah and a dozen standard-sized stompboxes Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots Easy to a…

  • Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board

    Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board - "Decent pedalboard after some mods!"


    I got the BOSS BCB-60 pedelboard in a trade, and it's what I currently use on stage. Stock, it can only hold 6 standard BOSS pedals, or 4 pedals and a wah. Pretty sad eh? What I did was I took out the foam, and put Velcro and a riser in the back. Thi…

  • Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Hard Case

    Pedaltrain Pedaltrain 2 w/ Hard Case - "Perfect board for me"


    The pedaltrain 2 pedalboard is a pretty simple, but effective way to transport and run your effects pedals. I currently have the following on my board: Line 6 G30 wireless, Rocktron Banshee Talk Box, Boss CE-2 Chorus, Boss NS-2, Boss SD-1, MXR/CAE Bo…

  • Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case

    Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Hard Case - "Cannot be beat"


    Where were these boards years ago? I have been through all the other options from building my own ATA boards, retrofitting keyboard cases, to buying the powered stuff available and nothing comes close to the pedal trains. The board itself is extremel…

  • LYT Pedalboards 24

    LYT Pedalboards 24 - "LYT Pedalboards LYT 24 and LYT Case"


    This offering from Lyt Pedalboards measures 24' x 16' x 1/2' and weighs only 4 lbs. 7 oz. (board only). I'm a professional guitarist/instructor with 31 years playing experience and 18 years teaching experience. I perform a variety of styles in the …