Christophe Chalancon 10/17/2008

SKB Stage5 : Christophe Chalancon's user review

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I n'mets no opinion on the gear but rather this statement:
"If we let the followers of" direct guitar Lampl "out of it (the poor)"
I played with a lot of effects an era and that's the surenchre that never ends.
Jeff Beck plays with not much, yet he knows how to create sounds that many multi-effects can not reproduce!
I returned my Marshall 2000 Valvestate an effect (reverb, delay and chorus), a whahwha (and we can come out with a sound!) And microphones in my G & L.
I do not criticize the effects amateurs (I'm FAN Steve Vai) but does not criticize + pure tone lovers seeking something in their style.
Everyone's tastes what makes