Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case
Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case

Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case, Pedalboard / PedalCase from Pedaltrain.

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Pepitow 09/19/2014

Pedaltrain Pedaltrain Pro w/ Soft Case : Pepitow's user review

«  Super !! »

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I use it since July, replacing my PDT-3 became too small for my new config!

It has the perfect dimensions for my current config includes:
- Pedals Engl Z-12
- AKG System
- Cry Baby 535Q
- MXR Phase 90
- Polytune Mini
- Boss HR-2
- TC Electronic Reverb Trinity
- TC Electronic Flashback Delay X4
- Morley Mini Volume
- Power T-Rex Chameleon (set down the velcro)
And ... there is a little room (for one or two max pedals)

As usual in PDT: solid (fairly light metal structure), reliable, top with the spaces to get the system cables, and clean! Everything is very stable without weighing a dead donkey (depending on your pedals this hearsay).

Only downside as for my PDT-3 (see my opinion on it), and especially the zipières sliders Softcase (while convenient, pretty strong and light) that seem fragile (broken on my PDT Soft-3, replaced by stronger). We'll see if they take the shock ^^
For the pedals, I might be increased a bit skew, and again!

Q / P good because we buy a product that will last a lifetime (except soft case can be hell ... lower the price of your Hard!), And for 110 € (in Cygnus, nine is € 135 not ... big difference), it is a good investment!