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Physical modelling virtual synthesizers user reviews

  • Memorymoon Messiah 2.0

    Memorymoon Messiah 2.0 - "Faithful Reproduction of a Prophet Synth, and Way More!" has images


    These days in the Prophet 5 emulator market, you basically have the U-he Repro 1/5 and the Arturia Prophet V. The Arturia can emulate both the Prophet 5 and the Vector and even combine them as a hybrid, but the overall sound is not as detailed and fa…

  • Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware]

    Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware] - " A Great Freeware"


    Krakli StringZ 2 is one of the unsung hero’s when I comes to developing VST’s. When I saw they made the StringZ 2 I knew for a fact that I was going to download it. I really didn’t have anything to lose because it is completely free. StringZ 1 was th…

Translated user reviews
  • Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware]

    Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware] - Tonka's review


    Ok SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Ok OVERALL OPINION ATTENTION I SPEAK FOR THE VERSION 2! I have a very long time without ever having tried ... In fact it is a real killer! For me until I thought that there is sound "realistic" or sound "synth…

  • Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware]

    Krakli Software StringZ [Freeware] - H.Noury's review


    Installation is as usual: one of the Zip-file, then dragged into the components in the "VST" Cubase. The manual is clear, complete, except that the instrument is complex ... SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE 2.8 GHz PC, sound card Hoontech. No problem, …