AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone [Freeware]
AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone [Freeware]

Fuzz-Stone [Freeware], Software Distortion/Overdrive from AuraPlug.

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AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone [Freeware] news

  • AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone Updated To v2.0

    AuraPlug Fuzz-Stone Updated To v2.0


    AuraPlug has updated its free Fuzz-Stone and Fuzz-Stone[Ge] distortion plug-ins to version 2.0.

  • AuraPlug Releases Fuzz-Stone Distortion

    AuraPlug Releases Fuzz-Stone Distortion


    AuraPlug has announced the release of Fuzz-Stone, the second plug-in in AuraPlug's Freetortion Series of free VST plug-ins for Windows. Fuzz-Stone is a '60s-styled guitar fuzz tone pedal which simulates the Legendary Stones' Satisfaction guitar tone.