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  • A review of the Sonible Frei:raum EQ plug-in

    A review of the Sonible Frei:raum EQ plug-in - Space Liberation


    Life as a writer for Audiofanzine has its pros and cons...Granted, if you're into audio, spending most of your days testing and reviewing the latest gear from the audio world can be really gratifying to the geek in you. However, after the umpteenth review of the umpteenth virtual version of a legendary hardware unit, it can get really tiresome.

  • Signal processing and effects plug-ins that won’t break the bank

    Signal processing and effects plug-ins that won’t break… - 12 Quality Plug-ins for $100 or Less


    Although top-of-the-line processor and effects plug-ins can be expensive, there are alternatives available that offer quality performance at budget-friendly prices. In this article, I’ll look at 12 such plug-ins, all costing $100 or less. I’ll cover signal processing and digital effects plug-ins in the following categories: reverb, delay, compress…

  • Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review

    Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review - Second Wind


    Eight years after the original, Eiosis presents a "Premium" edition of the AirEQ plug-in.

  • The Match Game

    The Match Game - How to use a match EQ to manipulate your audio


    A Match EQ is a specialized type of equalizer plug-in that works by extracting the EQ profile from one audio file and applying it to another, so that the latter sounds more like the former. This type of EQ can be used both in corrective and creative ways, as you’ll see if you read on.

  • How to Set an EQ

    How to Set an EQ - Understanding EQ Parameters


    An EQ changes the level of frequencies in an audio signal. It allows you to define one or more frequency bands to amplify or attenuate them. In order to achieve this, the EQ uses different filters.