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  • Eventide Instant Flanger MkII Plug-in

    Eventide Instant Flanger MkII Plug-in - "Classic and Beyond, Flanging technology used by Bowie"


    A plug-in based on the 1975 Instant Flanger rackmount, what you’re getting are both classic and unique flanging sounds not found on more modern counterparts. The tones and presets certainly don’t sound like your typical flanger pedal, that’s for cer…

  • Audio Damage Liquid

    Audio Damage Liquid - "Lots of motion for a little price"


    I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 8 gb ram, Snow Leopard, RME Fireface 800 and Logic 9. So far I have had no problems with this plugin. The manual is quick and too the point and offers an interesting explanation of the "Phaser" as we know it. The con…

  • Waves MetaFlanger

    Waves MetaFlanger - "Awesome flanger"


    Flanging has long been a heavily used technique in the rock world. In fact, it almost got to the point where it was overused, but it seems to be going out of style at the moment. That's good for those who want to be unique again, and this plugin sh…

  • Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in

    Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in - moosers's review


    The Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in is one of the plug-ins that's included in the Anthology II bundle. I don't believe you can purchase it outside of this bundle, but I'm not 100% sure on this. I wasn't at all involved with installing the plug-in …

  • Avid Reel Tape Flanger

    Avid Reel Tape Flanger - moosers's review


    The Avid (formally Digidesign) Reel Tape Flanger is a plug-in that is apart of the Avid Reel Tape Suite of three separate plug-ins. I have the full bundle, so I installed it all at once. I'm not sure if you'd be able to buy this plug-in individuall…

  • Digidesign DigiRack Flanger

    Digidesign DigiRack Flanger - moosers's review


    Digidesign's DigiRack Flanger is a plug-in for Pro Tools LE and HD systems that comes free and in stock with the industry standard DAW. You don't have to take any action to install the plug-in once you've installed Pro Tools, as it installs all of t…

  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger [Freeware]

    Kjaerhus Audio Classic Flanger [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Flanger is one of my favorite sounding free VST flangers out there. I'm no longer running this plug-in ever since I made the jump from Cubase SX to Pro Tools LE about four years ago or so, but this served me well for a few y…

  • Digidesign AIR Flanger

    Digidesign AIR Flanger - moosers's review


    This review if for Digidesign's AIR (Advanced Instrument Research) Flanger. If you have Pro Tools 8, you probably already know that AIR plug-ins are a suite plug-ins that come free with Pro Tools 8, including this one. To me, if you don't have Pro …

  • Waves MetaFlanger

    Waves MetaFlanger - moosers's review


    I didn't have any problems whatsoever installing the Waves Ltd. Meta Flanger and it was a pretty quick process overall.  Once it was installed figuring out the interface of the software didn't take all that long as it is a pretty easy plug-in to use.…

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