E-Phonic LOFI [Freeware]
E-Phonic LOFI [Freeware]

LOFI [Freeware], Lo-Fi from E-Phonic.

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moosers's review

E-Phonic LOFI [Freeware]
E-Phonic's LoFi plug-in is a piece of freeware that comes in VST format. I'm not currently running this on my Pro Tools system, as this is a plug-in that I used in Cubase before I switched over to Pro Tools. As far as downloading and installing the plug-in goes, this whole process shouldn't take very long at all. It's a simple task and I don't think that most users will have a problem with it. The interface of the E-Phonic LoFi plug-in is fairly simple, but it does have a good amount of control, especially for a free plug-in. It's got sections for 'down scaler,' filter, amplifier, crusher, and shaper. Each has a few different sliders to control your sound, and you can actually place them in a whatever order you would like in terms of your signal chain. I don't think that you'd be able to find a manual for this plug-in, but one isn't necessary anyway.


When I ran Cubase SX, I ran the E-Phonic LoFi plug-in in it, but no longer do so since I now run Pro Tools. Although I have the Fxpansion VST to RTAS converter for Pro Tools, I haven't gotten around to converting this VST plug-in to be used yet, as I haven't found a pressing reason to do so. Having said this, when I ran it in Cubase it always ran smoothly without hiccups or other problems. The computer that I was running this plug-in and Cubase SX 2.0 on was a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 lap top with a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I was running the system with a MOTU 896 HD interface as well. I can't recall ever having an issue running this plug-in, as it didn't seem to take up much processing power at all. Also helping was the fact that I never needed to run more than one or two of these at a time.


E-Phonic has a whole slew of free VST plug-ins like LoFi that I had in my Cubase SX suite. While these plug-ins were definitely useful for me at the time, they aren't the best plug-ins in a world, which is something you should always expect from free plug-ins anyway! However, if you are running a platform that runs VST plug-ins, I really don't see a reason not to at least download this plug-in and try it out for yourself. It definitley came in handy for me when I had it.