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Software Phasers user reviews

  • Eventide Instant Phaser MKII

    Eventide Instant Phaser MKII - "Old Analog Phaser with some New Twists"


    Amazing that this plug-in emulates a phaser from 1972, the Eventide Instant Phaser. The algorithm may simulate analog tape flanging from years gone by, but this digital remake sounds both modern and unique in all its qualities. Of course Eventide e…

  • Clone Ensemble Bass Phaser

    Clone Ensemble Bass Phaser - moosers's review


    Clone Ensemble's Bass Phaser is a free plug-in for Windows that comes in VST and Direct X plug-in formats. Unlike some of Clone Ensemble's other plug-ins, this one is all free and doesn't have any restrictions on how you can use it. I'm no longer r…

  • Soundhack +phasor

    Soundhack +phasor - moosers's review


    The Soundhack +phasor is a newer free plug-in for Mac systems that can support VST plug-ins. Right now it's only available in this format, but on their site it says it will sometime be available in other formats as well. I only tried out this one i…

  • Nomad Factory Liquid Phase II

    Nomad Factory Liquid Phase II - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory Liquid Phase II plug-in is one that comes as part of Nomad's Liquid bundle and is not sold individually. The good news is that the entire bundle is about as cheap as many single plug-ins. I don't own this bundle, and have just use…

  • Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog Phaser APH-2S

    Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog Phaser APH-2S - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Analog Phaser APH-2S is a plug-in that's a part of the Nomad Factory Blue Tubes Effects Pack. The bundle consists of six plug-ins in total, with this one probably being my favorite of the bunch. It's also one of my favo…

  • Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Phaser [Freeware]

    Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's Phaser [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Blue Cat Audio's Phaser is a free plug-in that is available in pretty much any plug-in format. You can get it for both PC and Mac systems, and it's available in RTAS, VST, Direct X, and AU formats. Just go ahead and download it directly from Blue C…

  • Bomb Factory Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser

    Bomb Factory Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser - moosers's review


    The Bomb Factory MoogerFooger 12-Stage Phaser is a plug-in that comes in a variety of formats, covering pretty much all of the bases. I’ve only used it as an RTAS plug-in in Pro Tools. The process of installing the whole bundle didn’t take very lon…

  • Smartelectronix Phase90 [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix Phase90 [Donationware] - moosers's review


    The SmartElectronix Phase 90 plug-in is a phaser effect plug-in that comes in VST format. It's also a free piece of software. It is modeled after the MXR Phase 90 pedals, as the name obviously states. You can download the plug-in free straight fro…

  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Phaser [Freeware]

    Kjaerhus Audio Classic Phaser [Freeware] - moosers's review


    The Kjaerhus Audio Classic Phaser is a free plug-in that is only compatible on PCs and as a VST plug-in. I don't run this plug-in in my current system, as I could not keep it on when I changed from a PC to Mac. I honestly can't remember too much ab…

  • Nomad Factory Free Phaser

    Nomad Factory Free Phaser - moosers's review


    Nomad Factory's Free Phaser is a plug-in available for free within their free bundle. The bundle also includes a sweeper and a tremolo plug-in as well. I believe that these plug-ins were the original plug-ins made by Nomad Factory, and are now avai…