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Thread Cubase LE bombs out on my Powerbook

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1 Cubase LE bombs out on my Powerbook
I'm using a copy of Cubase LE that came with my Tascam US428. I updated to version 1.0.8 (i think) because Tascam told me version 7 wasn't compatible with Tiger. Cubase worked for a while, then, unexpectidly, it just stopped putting out audio to the speakers. This means any speaker. The audio levels show signal on both record and playback, it even records files properly, so you can open them in Finder and play them. But Cubase itself would not yeild any audio whatsoever. This condition is oddly only present on some projects; mainly projects older than a month or two. Those old projects work perfectly, no audio skipps, nothing to give the slightest hint of something being wrong. But anything new does not put out audio.

I researched some and found a few people with the same problem, and i came to the conclusion that Cubase LE just doesn't work properly on Mac OSX Tiger, a G% 1.5Ghz 15" Powerbook, or maybe just my computer. I switched to Logic Express and no more problems.

So just a work of warning...if you have a mac, stay away from the LE version of Cubase (the others should work fine)

If anyone knows of a fix for this, please post

hi i think you need to go to the device setup link under the devices menu in Cubase and go to vst multitrack and uncheck the RELEASE ASIO DRIVER IN THE BACKGROUND then restart Cubase LE this may help.