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Thread Best guitar sounds from Cubase SL3?

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Topic Best guitar sounds from Cubase SL3?
Hi all,

I'm new at this whole computer recording thing, I've been using a Boss BR-864 for several years and wanted to make recordings that sounded better that I could do more with. Anyway, I got a Presonus Firebox with Cubase SL 3, and I'm wondering what those of you out there who have a similar setup (mostly just the ones that use Cubase) do to get a good acoustic guitar sound, and a good electric guitar sound. Is it a better idea to just mic an amp, or do the plugins in Cubase work just fine if you mess with them enough, or is there some third-party plugin I should already know about? Somebody help me, I'm sick of cheesy/crappy sounding guitars in my recordings!

Thanks guys,