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Polytone user reviews

  • Polytone Mini Brute III

    Polytone Mini Brute III - "Useful amplifier, strange choices"


    This is a solid state amplifier primarily designed for jazz guitar and bass. It has high and low volume inputs, an overall volume knob, dual tone controls (treble and bass) for the low volume input and an overall tone control for the high volume inpu…

  • Polytone Mini Brute

    Polytone Mini Brute - "Polytone Minibrute"


    Guitar Center. 600 dollars US Great sound, extremely portable - you dont have to be a weight lifter to move it around. All around great jazz instrument. This unit suffered from one major defect - poor construction. The layout of the packaging of t…

Translated user reviews
  • Polytone Mini Brute II

    Polytone Mini Brute II - " Excellent"


    Transistor amp 100w RMS, back fermé.HP 12 ".2 guitar inputs high and low gain.2 channels: Canal clear: 1 volume, low-mid EQ-saturated aigu.Canal: 1 + 1 volume knob of the 'overdrive.1 master volume, effects loop 1, 1 preamp, 1 footswitch input, 1 hea…

  • Polytone Baby Taurus

    Polytone Baby Taurus - lecrotale's review


    transistors.75 watts UTILIZATION mainly low (bought it) hp génial.modifié to enter 12pouces. SOUNDS I played it with a leduc bd3 that I unfortunately sold due to dry pann level chequier.avec a mc 924 défrettée, idem.mis the closet a long time…

  • Polytone Mini Brute

    Polytone Mini Brute - " excellent, lightweight, compact, versatile"


    50 transistors / 100w basic settings (very effective) no effect (all the better), 6.35 jacks! UTILIZATION good sound simple manual unnecessary SOUNDS sos light or fat (with external pedal) Start type guitar telecaster bass for jazz bass inste…

  • Polytone Mini Brute III

    Polytone Mini Brute III - vgdb's review


    Transistor combo amp, 100W Weight ~ 15 kg, exceptionally light for an amp of this power Size: just over the size of HP: 45x47x26 cm Nothing special in terms of functions (except switch "Boost" which makes the treble filter with resistors connected…

  • Polytone Mini Brute IV

    Polytone Mini Brute IV - " Jazzmen of the amp ..."


    Amp transistors given to 110w (and "he is good") A spring reverb (which easily captures the radio ...); saturation that I do not usually, two inputs (High - Low), 3 positions Dark - normal - very useful sometimes brilliant. Bass and treble settings…

  • Polytone Mini Brute IV

    Polytone Mini Brute IV - iltizzone's review


    I possd this amp in the 80 ... It's far away, I'll try to remember! It is a 100% transistor, the power rating is raised, the order of 150W, but the big impdance HP 15 "and the box closed and full of rock wool on closer more than 100W. it's still…

  • Polytone Mini-Teeny Brute

    Polytone Mini-Teeny Brute - nours©'s review


    • UTILIZATION • SOUNDS • OVERALL OPINION It is a small beast of 100W RMS, a dozen kilos, just over two high and wide HS80M Yamaha side by side, made for me in 1979 in the USA. Slightly different model of the other Mini-Teeny, but witho…

  • Polytone Mega Brute

    Polytone Mega Brute - ktom's review


    Transistor amplifier 130 watts amp compltement closed. on top: 1 out pramp A gain and an input output gain (outboard fx loop) 2 inputs (high gain - low gain) An input switch overdrive reverb At the rear: 1 x phone Exit 1 "extend…