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lecrotale 02/27/2012

Polytone Baby Taurus : lecrotale's user review


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transistors.75 watts


mainly low (bought it) hp génial.modifié to enter 12pouces.


I played it with a leduc bd3 that I unfortunately sold due to dry pann level chequier.avec a mc 924 défrettée, idem.mis the closet a long time, not quite know why, since I have a roland cube, I started at the top of the sale, and on this occasion, I replayed it with the bass I have, namely a g & l L2500 Tribute and a squier precision with unmicro jazz and more, and I'm still on my ass .


for 25 had traded in a store pigalle against the peavey 300 combo that I had at the time, because an amp that is 80cm high and 40 pounds, this scooter is not easy. only the overdrive channel .. (yeah, it's even a guitar amp qd, at the base) is crap, as with all PolyOne, I pense.les jazzmen there do not care, they use it, canal.sinon this, they would seek Bogner, not Polytone.