Korg Ampworks Bass
Korg Ampworks Bass
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M Elise 12/08/2008

Korg Ampworks Bass : M Elise's user review


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This is an inexpensive budget level bass amp simulator with user friendly knobs and dials. It simulates a wide variety of tube and transistor bass amps and speaker configurations. It contains an effects section with all the usual varieties but only one tweakable parameter for each effect. There is memory for only 2 or 3 user presets. There is a jack that allows a foot pedal to be attached that can switch between user presets. There are the usual tone controls and there is a noise gate adjustment to eliminate background noise. The unit can be used direct or in front of an amp. The unit is small and lightweight. The construction is strong enough for studio but not the road unless you take real good care.


The great thing about this simulator is that it is easy to make your sounds because its a knob design as opposed to a nightmarish multifunction button/menu design. The presets are irritating because Korg felt compelled to add obnoxious effects to many of the presets which bass players hardly ever use like long delay etc. So, many of the times when you switch to the next preset amp simulation you've got to remove the effect. The knobs can be impossible to read in dim lighting. The manual is good.


The sound quality of the simulations is great for recording considering the inexpensiveness of the pedal. There can be a problem with background noise which you can dial out but can still sometimes notice as your note fades etc. This is not a professional level simulator but it yields very good results for the home hobbyist or for demo making. The tube models sound tube like. The unit records easily because it naturally compresses the signal to a great extent. I also have used the unit to play bass through a PA system and it helped the sound especially with the compression on the first tube models. The effects are low quality but you don't have to use them. There is a "quack" effect I really like and have used a lot for funny funky stuff.


This is what I use to record bass in my hobby level home studio. I am happy with it because it is easy to use, takes up little space and sounds quite good and tube like in the mix. I believe that Korg no longer makes these. They can be gotten used for practically nothing. For a brief time I tried the Korg unit (model # ?) which replaced it because I thought I would like the expanded user presets but the newer unit turned out to be a programming nightmare due to its menu based design. It took 20 minutes to program what I can dial up in 30 seconds on this unit and I'm not exaggerating! If you want an inexpensive, easy to use, good sounding bass amp simulator with a great "quack" effect find one of these.