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All user reviews for the Yamaha EMX640

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berl's review"A workhorse among powered mixers"

Yamaha EMX640
I bought it in 1999 (yes, last century) for small venues.
It was my first powered mixer and I still have it (in 2013): That says a lot about its longevity and sturdiness.
I still rent it from time to time together with a couple of speakers and it does its job pretty well: Amplify previously recorded music or sources coming from one or several mics.
It is practical, without any irrelevant features, although it has lots of useful tools: Phantom power, 6 XLR channels, including two thar are also line + stereo, small 7-band EQ on the master but also for the second channel if you use it as return, small basic reverb (hall/plate/room), which is more than enough and, especially, easy enough for newbies to understand with a brief explanation.
The pros: Reliability, ease of use, and decent sound quality
The cons (being picky): A bit heavy, jack headphone out
I wouldn't hesitate to buy it or its bigger sibling, the 860!!!

Blizmus's review

Yamaha EMX640
The sound is good and "full," even with a weak volume, and without much noise. It's almost hi-fi!
Guitarists and bassists, used to their amps loaded with effects, discover the "true" sound of their instrument, just the way it comes out of the instrument (very pure)!
Synth, vocals, guitar...everything sounds great.

Its only defect is that it's hard to make a recording due to the outputs (or someone has to explain me how to do it).
Oh, yes! I had to fix the radiator which came off (I had to dismount it to recover the screw). But it's not that bad.

Excellent for a small band, for rehearsals.

petitvélo's review

Yamaha EMX640
Excellent product. Small, compact and very effective PA system for a band that does small venues (it only has 200w).2 separate amps, each with EQ, integrated reverb, output for an additional amp, 2 speaker outputs per amp (4 jacks in total), 6 inputs (4XLR + 2 jacks), each with tone controls: highs/mids/lows, effects level, monitor volume and overall volume. This product combines in one single unit a mixer, a main speaker amp and a monitor amp. It's very easy to use and the sound is very good (as long as you have good speakers, obviously). I've been using it since 1998 and I am very satisfied with it. I strongly recommend you this product, which will satisfy you entirely. I give it 9, only because I don't want to give it 10, even though it deserves it.

petitvélo's review

Yamaha EMX640
Small and compact PA system. 200 watts into 4 ohms with 2 separate amps for front of house and monitors.
6 inputs, reverb. It can be used as a mixer by connecting it to a more powerful amp. Additional effects can be added via the loop. EQ for each amp. It features treble-mid-bass controls + a very effective Equalizer for each channel. 2 jack speaker outputs for each amp (4 speakers in total).

Very easy to use and practical to install. It's very interesting to have in one single unit an amp for the main speakers and another one for the monitors.

Very good sound and plenty of different settings. Very low noise. Good sound quality.
Excellent model that I can only recommend. It's ideal for a small band. It's very good gear for shows in small venues. Very reliable gear.

I use it since 1988 and I am very satisfied with it. I plan to change it to get more power and inputs, but otherwise I'd keep it. If you are thinking about buying it, don't think it twice, you will not be disappointed. I give it 9/10 as overall mark only not to give it the best mark.

3Silex's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha EMX640
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