Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI
Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI

Basswitch IQ DI, Bass preamp pedal from Ruppert Musical Instruments.

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All user reviews for the Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI

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juanitoConTimba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" interesting"

Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI
I will not detail the specs that everyone can find.
Just specify that a priori the range boost / cut proposed by the EQ-18dB + on the paper I was Assembly among the best on the market.


French manual on the site that I consulted before purchasing. Very detailed but not necessarily sufficient for this type of analog device.


I intend to use it with a Baby Bass with piezo pickup.
I hesitated a few days to equip a bass preamp on board but I finally found a bottom bracket offer a good compromise on the ease of implementation, while having a control panel to plusprès of the instrument.
I hesitated with a type SWR Marcus Miller Preamp which provides compression and a tube driver but too bulky for gigs and 2 times more expensive.
The basswitch has the advantage of bringing me in addition to the two preamp effects loops which lacks my amp (Roland Basscube 120XL). So if I want to color my sound, I still have a bit of flexibility so I think I will not regret my choice because it gives me a good scalability.


I just ordered and I look forward to delivery.
I will come to improve my comments as soon as possible.
I must say that I regret that the majority of the few reviews of this product are actually posted by Sponsored bassists. RMI has put the package in advertising and marketing and the CEO himself truste forums.
That said I think the product is well thought out, high quality seems on paper, hence my choice.

monkdream's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential for stage and studio"

Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI
This is a pedal combining several elements in one housing of high quality (Lehle):
bass preamp with 4-band EQ with semiparametric two mediums, DI, switching matrix.


The manual is very clear and precise and gives many examples of use. Operation is easy and ergonomics has been studied to allow use live.


The sound quality is impeccable, very clean signal, adapted to the sounds of the bass. I use a Sadowsky Preci. and several acoustic basses.


I use it for three months intensively. I also have the EBS Microbass II and GP Lightstone Tube Bass. The EBS simply can not compete with the Basswitch both in the manufacture of that sound. The Tube Bass plays at another level and is designed for bass players seeking rather to color their sound.

In the photo a very compelling combination: Speakers Bag End 2x10 "self powered" 1000W with Basswitch.

kevin.reveyrand's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" versatile"

Ruppert Musical Instruments Basswitch IQ DI
2 channels preamp
Impedance adjustable for use with a bass (piezo)
2 effects loops, one parallel, one serial
EQ with bass / lower midrange parametric / parametric high-mid / high


Installation simple and logical ...


Perfect sound quality, very straight and neutral ...


Used for several days, I am fully satisfied ...
I have tried many models of "small" preamps, EBS, Aguilar, Radial, this one is the most complete and versatile ...