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Randall Valve Dynamic user reviews

  • Randall T2

    Randall T2 - "Nice hybrid"


    Randall has a good hold on the module world which has been exploding in recent years. They have really put their focus on those amps and the preamp modules but still carried a lot of their good old regular amps as well. This is one of those simple am…

  • Randall T2

    Randall T2 - " Hybrid Amplifier Powerful and Robust with good big bass"


    Hybrid 400 W! Plugged into a Marshall 1960 Lead in stereo. Setting simple and effective. It may be the lack of equalizer that would have V2 can help make a cleaner setting. UTILIZATION Very simple you feel immediately the difference in the setti…

  • Randall T2

    Randall T2 - " 1000% satisfied, I love it!"


    Amp is hybrid, but strangely all the channels go on the lights, 3 channels: clean, overdrive and overdrive boost. 400W, equalizer 3 frequencies (ass, medium and treble, very simple settings, this amp goes to the basics: big sound! It's UTILIZATION …

  • Randall V2

    Randall V2 - Seratoth's review


    Everything has already been said. UTILIZATION We easily obtain a good sound? Um is a randall, not a marshall ... Of course that you get a good sound. Plus a multiband equalizer integrated requested by the peulpe? One small problem though, the bre…

  • Randall V2

    Randall V2 - Chris.F's review


    - Transistor amp with tube power amplifier (MOSFET), see Randle, everything is in more detail. - Power = 400W @ 4 ohms, 280W @ 8 Ohms, 500W @ 2 Ohms - Connections: jack in / out mono line, slave in / out and simulation of body with an output "Mic…

  • Randall V2

    Randall V2 - herrtyrant's review


    Worthy successor to the V-max (I have the two versions), v2 is the tube, and an output of 150w 2 times. The connection is as follows: -2 HP output. -Send and return with two volumes (one send and one return). Full-range output to connect dir…