Seratoth 05/03/2007

Randall V2 : Seratoth's user review


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Everything has already been said.


We easily obtain a good sound? Um is a randall, not a marshall ... Of course that you get a good sound. Plus a multiband equalizer integrated requested by the peulpe? One small problem though, the breath. When you put the gain back, it blows so much. I set it to one-half and the breath disappears while keeping saturated fat, which is enough to make black metal.


This amp is well suited to what I was looking for. I also corrected a mesa 50W. Randall has compared the sound less "hot", but more suited to my style. To play only the sound seems to some a bit "flat", but in groups, this amp is immediately instead.


I've had five months. I hesitated at first between the Randall V2 head and Laney VH100R. But the integration of an equalizer made me look for Randall. The quality / price ratio could not be better for someone looking for a powerful header metal.
This choice I would do without hesitation. All I need is to buy the cabinet, marshall because my body is suffering a bit with this watch.