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iamqman 08/01/2011

Randall T2 : iamqman's user review

« Nice hybrid »

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Randall has a good hold on the module world which has been exploding in recent years. They have really put their focus on those amps and the preamp modules but still carried a lot of their good old regular amps as well. This is one of those simple amps that sound like the typical Randall tone.

This amp has a set of preamp tubes in the preamp section and the power section doesn't have power tubes but does have a preamp tube in the power section to help soften the attack and blend the two amp sections. This is an amp that does not have any effects in it. It is not a modeling amp either but just a hybrid of solid state and tube valve



Designed with a simple straight ahead front panel layout, the T2 has a shorter signal path that produces an extremely powerful, punishing tone. A true 3 mode amplifier, the T2 provides an extremely wide range of tones to fit any playing style while seriously catering to those who hunger for gain.


2 Channel/3 Mode All Tube
(3) ECC83S Tubes
Mode 1: Classic Tube Clean
Mode 2: Classic Tube Overdrive
Mode 3: Modern Tube Boost

Bass • Middle • Sweep • Treble

Volume • Presence • Density

"Valve Dynamic™" Tube/Mosfet
Single Tube • 12AT7

480 Watts @ 2 Ω
400 Watts @ 4 Ω
280 Watts @ 8 Ω

MIDI In / Thru
Assignable Series/Parallel EFX Loop
Slave Output with Level
“Mic Eliminator” XLR Output
World Voltage Selector
RF4T2 MIDI Footswitch


The tone of these amp is pretty decent for what it is. You get three channels one for the clean, one for the crunch channel, and then one for the high gain tone. Te clean tone is pretty good and simple. Nothing spectacular about it. The crunch channel is a good classic rock tone and 80's crunch voicing. This will get you anything from AC/Dc to Motley C Rue. It is a good overall channel for covers and pretty much general music. The third channel is the more modern tone and gets you into the more modern voicing style of music. This is where you would get the modern metal tones and better for down tuned guitars. Overall it is pretty usable amp for what you get tone wise.


You can find these head for right around $599 for a new one. Used ones will fetch for a lot cheaper than that price. These amps are good for the money and have a great tone for the price. Randall is great at getting very usable cheap amps to the budgeted consumer. I would recommend this amp to anyone needing a good amp for gigs and practicing.