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Rane user reviews

  • Rane MP2014

    Rane MP2014 - "An awesome sound and manufacturing quality for a new approach to mixing"


    I chose the MP2014 as I was after a high quality mixer able to become my setup’s primary mixer, the one I use to mix most often and on which I can plug my computer music system as well as other, more classic mixers. I wanted a main mixer which wou…

  • Rane Scratch live SL

    Rane Scratch live SL - "One of The Best DJ Investments I've Made"


    The switch from straight Vinyl to Serato took me some time, not because of the software but rather because I had to build my digital library. So for a few months while I did that I was rocking both Serato with my Laptop and regular Vinyl records. Goo…

  • Rane TTM 56

    Rane TTM 56 - "Wow"


    The Rane TTM 56 is a performance mixer for Djs. And boy is it awesome. This is hands down the best mixer I have owned, and my absolute favorite. It features No Contact faders and level controls. The faders use magnets, making them impervious to any k…

  • Rane MP 2016A

    Rane MP 2016A - "3 band EQ on all channels"


    The Rane MP 2016a is a 6 channel mixer that has effects loops that can be switched and booth plus house outputs right on it. The mic preamp on this mixer is very good, nice an warm and it projects the sound cleanly. Each input on this mixer has a 6 p…

  • Rane TTM 57SL

    Rane TTM 57SL - "You must have this if you are a live DJ"


    The Rane TTM 57 SL is a high quality DJ Mixer with an interface all in one unit. This mixer works with the software called Serato which I am very familiar with. There are a lot of effects that come right on the mixer! This unit is perfect for the mob…

  • Rane Serato SL 4

    Rane Serato SL 4 - "No complaints"


    The Rane Serato Scratch Live SL4 is a DJ audio interface that cost 899 USD. It is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. 2GB RAM and 10.5.8 on Mac with Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7. Make sure you check your…

  • Rane Empath

    Rane Empath - yoTrakkz's review


    The Rane Empath has great parameters that you can chance very easy, no need for the bulky manuals when you get this machine. Its all self explanatory and you will have the hang of it in no time, well in about 30 mins to be exact. Atleast that’s how l…

  • Rane MS 1b

    Rane MS 1b - moosers's review


    The Rane MS 1 is a single channel microphone preamplifier for use in the recording studio. It's a simple preamp, coming in a unique casing that doesn't take up much space even though it's not traditionally rack mountable. There are a few different …

  • Rane HC 6

    Rane HC 6 - moosers's review


    The Rane HC6 is a six channel headphone amplifier for use in the studio or anywhere you'd need a headphone splitter like this. It's got a pretty basic make up, but it's one that can take you a long way in vein of headphone amps. One of the studios …

  • Rane SM 82S

    Rane SM 82S - moosers's review


    The Rane SM82 S is an eight channel stereo mixer that will fit in a single space of a rack casing. There is a lot that you can do with the SM82 S, as it has a lot of versatility in terms of connection and routing options. Something like this is rea…