Rane TTM 56
Rane TTM 56

TTM 56, 2-Channel Mixer from Rane in the TTM series.

johnrae 04/16/2013

Rane TTM 56 : johnrae's user review

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The Rane TTM 56 is a performance mixer for Djs. And boy is it awesome. This is hands down the best mixer I have owned, and my absolute favorite. It features No Contact faders and level controls. The faders use magnets, making them impervious to any kind of smoke or moisture damage the way optical faders are. There used to be a video floating around of one of these faders in a cup of soda, and still functional. Seriously great equipment. Solidly built in every single way. The eq cuts PERFECTLY. If you want the bass cut, there is NO bass.


Using this mixer is like heaven. The faders feel so good, perfect resistance, yet buttery smooth. Beautifully done knobs, really tactile and strong. This thing is built like a tank. Things are spaced well so your fingers have plenty of room to work. Whether you are a turntablist, or a DJ, this thing is the freaking BOMB. So much fun to use. I was creating new sounds in just minutes. All the functions are easily accessed, and it's simple as any mixer to set up. Power, cables, mix. If you can set up a desktop computer you can set up this.


The mixer is stealthy quiet, and the no touch faders ensure it will stay that way. No bleed or swipe sounds. Silent as space until you drop the mix. The EQ is out of this world, perfectly tuned and so responsive. I haven't heard a better eq on a mixer yet.


Overall, this is hands down my favorite mixer. Worth every single penny. I would buy this a million times. Every single aspect of this is perfect, though my favorite thing hands down is the magnetic faders. I have actually had issues with optical faders getting ruined by smoke during a performance, and these are a godsend. Everything about this unit feels, and sounds amazing.