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Thread Im New, and need help (song sample inside)

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1 Im New, and need help (song sample inside)
Hey guys, so this is whats up.

my goal is to put out a independant acoustic album. and money is kind of tight. but this is what i have so far.

Acid 5.0 (for recording)
Magix music studio 2004 (for effect/remastering)

M-audio mobilepre usb
audio technica mic (it was like 60 bucks...)

i plug my acoustic guitar, (via pickup thing in soundhole) to chan 1 of the m audio, and mic into chan 2. im sure this is how it goes... well anyway bascciley guitar is heard on left channel, and mic on right.

i record, then copy the tracks in acid and adjust the copied tracks to pan all the way to the left side, and the other to the right, that way you can hear vocals/guitar on both sides of the earphones.

so, i do this with every track i do, like when i add extra vocals or whatever the need. now is this right? like is their an esier way to hear both vocals and guitar on the headset mixed together instead of having vocals on the left side, and guitar on the right side?

yea so basicley with my M audio mobile pre, i mixed this one track, i am VERY pleased with it due to the fact in my opinion its the best i have ever done, i used to just mic the guitar as one track, then mixed it with vocals, now i do both with the mobile amp.

so tell me what you guys think of my song.. one of my main problems is the whole eq sound. so any tips would be appricated..

Well, Mike, the overall sound is not too bad considering the equipment you have and the way you recorded it. I think both the guitar and the lead vocal is a little dry (could use some reverb). Here's what I would try......

I don't know what your overall experience level is musically, but I would suggest that you try not singing when you lay down the guitar tracks. That way, you could mic the guitar, which would sound a lot better than the pickup on the soundhole. You could try playing guitar and concentrating on timing and the overall performance.

Then, once the guitar track is done, play it back in a set of headphones and sing the vocal tracks, one again concentrating on your performance. Your vocals were kind of off key in places, and being able to concentrate on the vocal performance by itself may help you.

Good luck!!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
stereo spread is good and wide almost too damn wide. axeman is right, overall performance needs some work, but good ideas.