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Ueberschall Resources/audio samples news

  • Ueberschall Deep House

    Ueberschall Deep House

    09/30/10 in Ueberschall Deep House

    This Deep House library includes 24 Construction Kits providing 3.2 GB of Deep House sounds and songs, taking its inspiration from sounds straight from the clubs around the world.

  • Ueberschall Pop Charts

    Ueberschall Pop Charts

    09/16/10 in Ueberschall Pop Charts

    Ueberschall presents the latest release from their Vodovoz series, Pop Charts, with chart sound for music production, commercials, game audio, film cues, web applications, video and multimedia.

  • Ueberschall Club R&B

    Ueberschall Club R&B

    09/10/10 in Ueberschall Club R&B

    Ueberschall has announced the latest release in its "Urbanic" series, Club R&B.

  • Ueberschall Jazz Colors

    Ueberschall Jazz Colors

    07/27/10 in Ueberschall Jazz Colors

    Ueberschall presents a color spectrum of Jazz in this sample library, including Swing, Bebop, Hardbop, LatinJazz, SmoothJazz, Fusion and BalladJazz.

  • Ueberschall Indie Rock

    Ueberschall Indie Rock

    07/13/10 in Ueberschall Indie Rock

    Ueberschall announced the availability of Indie Rock, a library for Indie, Brit Pop, Rock as well as other surrounding genres.

  • Ueberschall C.R.U.N.K: Southern Storm

    Ueberschall C.R.U.N.K: Southern Storm

    06/12/10 in Ueberschall C.R.U.N.K: Southern Storm

    Ueberschall released C.R.U.N.K.: Southern Storm, which includes 24 Construction Kits providing 3.4 GB of Crunk & Dirty-South action.

  • Ueberschall Ambient Lines

    Ueberschall Ambient Lines

    06/06/10 in Ueberschall Ambient Lines

    Ueberschall has announced the release of Ambient Lines, an Elastik Player-based ambient library described as "an ideal complement for audio design in movies, commercials, game audio, documentaries, advertising and background music".

  • Ueberschall Score Elements

    Ueberschall Score Elements

    05/04/10 in Ueberschall Score Elements

    Ueberschall has announced the release of Score Elements, a new Elastik Player-powered sound library geared toward professional scoring, game sfx, audio logos and flash applications.

  • Ueberschall Supreme Styles

    Ueberschall Supreme Styles

    03/14/10 in Ueberschall Supreme Styles

    Supreme Styles is a library of urban music focusing on guitars for a range of styles such as HipHop, R&B, Club and Dancehall, as well as other surrounding genres.

  • Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    02/19/10 in Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    Urbanic Guitars is a dynamic guitar sample collection.