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Ueberschall Resources/audio samples news

  • Ueberschall Dubstep

    Ueberschall Dubstep

    04/15/11 in Ueberschall Dubstep

    Ueberschall releases its Dubstep collection with 38 Construction Kits and 1,432 loops and samples.

  • Ueberschall 60s Psychedelic Rock

    Ueberschall 60s Psychedelic Rock

    04/04/11 in Ueberschall 60s Psychedelic Rock

    60s Psychedelic Rock comes with analogue signal-flows and tape-compressions, for sounds typical of the psychedelic sixties.

  • Ueberschall House

    Ueberschall House

    03/21/11 in Ueberschall Elastik Inspire Series - House

    Ueberschall has released a new "Elastik Inspire Series" collection, House

  • Ueberschall Urban

    Ueberschall Urban

    03/09/11 in Ueberschall Urban

    Ueberschall has announced the release of Urban, the first in the new Elastik Inspire Series of sound libraries.

  • Ueberschall Metal - No Headroom

    Ueberschall Metal - No Headroom

    01/28/11 in Ueberschall Metal - No Headroom

    Metal - No Headroom presents variants of the metal genre, including drums with doublebass-power, guitar riffs and bass-lines ranging from downtempo to uptempo.

  • Ueberschall Looptool

    Ueberschall Looptool

    12/23/10 in Ueberschall Looptool

    With the release of the new Elastik 2 Sample player Ueberschall presents the Looptool sound library - a 4 GB best of Ueberschall material.

  • Ueberschall Urban Ballads

    Ueberschall Urban Ballads

    12/18/10 in Ueberschall Urban Ballads

    Featured by the Urbanic Series, Urban Ballads is a new release which includes 22 Construction Kits providing 3.6 GB of R&B Music.

  • Ueberschall Presents: Electro Pop

    Ueberschall Presents: Electro Pop

    12/13/10 in Ueberschall Electro Pop

    Uebeschall presents the new era of Electropop, the second volume of the Vodovoz series.

  • Ueberschall Presents Nightshift

    Ueberschall Presents Nightshift

    11/20/10 in Ueberschall Nightshift

    Ueberschall presents construction kits for relaxing moods.

  • Ueberschall Glam Rock

    Ueberschall Glam Rock

    10/14/10 in Ueberschall Glam Rock

    Ueberschall announces the availability of Glam Rock, inspired by the Glam hit makers of the 70s such as T.Rex (Marc Bolan), Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro, The Sweet, Slade, just to name a few.