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  • Ueberschall releases Glitch Art
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    Ueberschall releases Glitch Art

    01/28/16 in Ueberschall Glitch Art

    Ueberschall introduces Glitch Art, a sample library of glitch-based grooves aimed at IDM, electronica, dubstep and urban styles.

  • Ueberschall releases Metal 2
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    Ueberschall releases Metal 2

    12/11/15 in Ueberschall Metal 2

    Ueberschall has released Metal 2, an Elastik-based pack of heavy rock-oriented samples that promises "unforgiving, punishing riffs & tracks".

  • Ueberschall launches Indie Rock 2 sound library

    Ueberschall launches Indie Rock 2 sound library

    02/15/13 in Ueberschall Indie Rock 2

    Ueberschall introduces the second volume of its Indie Rock sound library, with more than 1200 samples and 10 construction kits.

  •  Ueberschall Reggae Fundamentals 2

    Ueberschall Reggae Fundamentals 2

    11/25/12 in Ueberschall Reggae Fundamentals 2

    Ueberschall introduces Reggae Fundamentals 2.

  • Ueberschall Chart Hits

    Ueberschall Chart Hits

    09/25/12 in Ueberschall Chart Hits

    Chart Hits features Pop-oriented construction integrating Trance synthlines, R’n’B hooks as well as House-beats and acoustic guitar licks.

  • Ueberschall Dubstep Destruction

    Ueberschall Dubstep Destruction

    09/08/12 in Ueberschall Dubstep Destruction

    Ueberschall introduces Dubstep Destruction, featuring beats, synths, basses, weird sound FX, ragga grooves and MC vocals.

  • Ueberschall Reggaeton

    Ueberschall Reggaeton

    07/18/12 in Ueberschall Reggaeton

    Ueberschall has announced the release of its new Reggaeton collection.

  • Ueberschall Rock Ballads

    Ueberschall Rock Ballads

    07/09/12 in Ueberschall Rock Ballads

    Ueberschall introduces Rock Ballads, made up of 20 construction kits.

  • Ueberschall Nouvelle Discotheque

    Ueberschall Nouvelle Discotheque

    06/26/12 in Ueberschall Nouvelle Discotheque

    Ueberschall releases Nouvelle Discotheque, described as "an alternative to the hard sounds and simple arrangements" of today's dance-tracks.

  • Ueberschall Blues Colors

    Ueberschall Blues Colors

    06/04/12 in Ueberschall Blues Colors

    Blues Colors is a collection suited for blues productions in advertisement, TV- and movie dubbing, multimedia- and games applications.