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  • Lexicon PCM 70

    Lexicon PCM 70 - U-FLYstudio's review


    Between a mono, Stereo output, jack in! routing simplistic mine is a V2.1 ! attention it gets hot, not opening the cooled aluminum frame inside the chassis, prvoir some space for the evacuation of hot air! UTILIZATION Trs clear even if the…

  • Lexicon 480L

    Lexicon 480L - U-FLYstudio's review


    Rack treatment mainly to reverberations ddi In 2 and 4 XLR analog out for two motors indpendants can be cascaded implentation MIDI The V1.01 released in 1986 and became direct the new world standart machines "reverbs" high-end studio, and it is…

  • Yamaha R100

    Yamaha R100 - didiquette's review


    Small in size big in what it gives! This "little bote magic" like some cts the ALESIS MIDIVERB home who I can tell you bluff many connoisseurs of studios in the 80's! such a small compact Casing possde an "intelligence" of grace paramtres making use …

  • Music And More VSR3

    Music And More VSR3 - olix's review


    Sinkmusic has the résumé of VSR3 CHARACTERISTICS. UTILIZATION Simplified Deployment. SOUND QUALITY She does not know what to vibrate its springs, but what it does it well! You have to imagine that each new addition the dj vibration produced…

  • Alesis NanoVerb

    Alesis NanoVerb - Maolyn's review


    All dj t said, see the opinion Previous. Let me just a little correction: the format is one-third of rack. Oh and I do not see is the phaser o ... UTILIZATION _The Gnrale configuration is extremely simple Trs _L'dition sounds is limited, so …

  • Alesis QuadraVerb II

    Alesis QuadraVerb II - Almanyak's review


    Alesis Quadraverb-2 Specifications: Digital IOs: ADAT in + Out Analog IOs: Balanced or unbalanced, stereo or mono Midi IOs: In and Out / Thru Other IOs: Bypass footswitches and Advance Maximum Resolution: 18-bit 48Khz EQ: Yep, very comple…

  • Alesis QuadraVerb GT

    Alesis QuadraVerb GT - Vincenzo213's review


    Rack 19 " Many effects see other opinions for the price it's a lot (maybe too ...) UTILIZATION Despite a relatively small screen is easy to get the desired effect. SOUND QUALITY Sound cold, very cold most digital you die, the effects are nu…

  • Lexicon PCM 91

    Lexicon PCM 91 - Jan's review


    Rverbe, Pictou! UTILIZATION Lexicon, must know, if it is a bit abstruse. But when we know, there are other somewhat simplistic. SOUND QUALITY Effective with almost everything, but great for voice and natural rverbes. OVERALL OPINION When …

  • Yamaha srev 1

    Yamaha srev 1 - alesc1's review


    The SREV1 is a convolution reverb masterful. sony.le the top with the principle of convolution is to recreate the acoustics of a place. libraries supplied on the CD provided the convolution of different places. the reverbs from 1 to 4 seconds on av…

  • Alesis MicroVerb 3

    Alesis MicroVerb 3 - Ithilien's review


    Reverb, delay, ect ... Effect 16 families, 16 variations Within EACH family, an EQ, an input / output knob and a wet / dry knob! Very easy of use with great sound output! 1U rack model What I know for this rack Can Be Used in Almost Every soun…