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  • Alesis QuadraVerb GT

    Alesis QuadraVerb GT - louphi's review


    The effects are numerous: Preamp (compression, overdrive, distortion, flat, bright, presence, bass boost, noise gate speaker simulator), reverbs, delays (ping pong, stereo, multitap), chorus, flanger, phaser, chifter pitch, detune, leslie simulator, …

  • TC Electronic M5000

    TC Electronic M5000 - gtinayre's review


    Hi-Class rverbs & FXs processor, team of 2 x AD / DA and 2 x DSPs, two totally indpendantes 5000 M in the same unit. Studio hardware, rack, never dplac as new, price cass (5400 euros worth nine ...) UTILIZATION Trs trs good and simple ergonomics …

  • Princeton Digital Reverb 2016

    Princeton Digital Reverb 2016 - Scientist's review


    Repetition of the Eventide SP2016, it contains all the algorithms of the original + 3 nouveaux.Rackable 1U I / O and symtriques asymtriques XLR Jacks and + E / SS / PDIF (24 bit 44.1/48 kHz) + In Midi out. UTILIZATION Operation is intuitive, sinc…

  • Realistic Electronic Reverb

    Realistic Electronic Reverb - Bateman's review


    The Realistic Electronic Reverb is a machine to breath! Moreover, it can also produce something ultra vintage. The sound is vaguely ditable four faders: determination of the microphone, the Dlay, repeat, depth. There is a button To check the battery …

  • Roland R-880

    Roland R-880 - Lebreuk's review


    I had one I try to lend a little in return but rather c spcial! You build yourself your rverb by patching various modules (Eq, Mod, Comp, Gate, Early Reflections ,...) 2i/4o analog XLR and Jack numrique SPDIF RCA and optical. FCH: 44.1/48 RESOLUT…

  • Yamaha REV5

    Yamaha REV5 - U-FLYstudio's review


    Effect 2U rack specially in rverbrations, also offering algorthymes of delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, pitch, symphonic, brief as his little ERRF the> 90 SPX. There are inputs and outputs with XLR and Jack, the MIDI I / O / T and connections for …