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Ribbon Microphones user reviews

  • DIY Microphone à Ruban

    DIY Microphone à Ruban - "An excellent ribbon mic that sounds natural – a real professional-level gear." has images


    I’ll add a few details missing from the product presentation: weight is approx. 350 grams/.77 lb Diameter is almost 28 mm/1.1 in My first impression on it after a few weeks during which I could compare it with a ribbon biv-1, an oktava mk-012 (o…

  • Oktava ML 52-2

    Oktava ML 52-2 - "Oktava ML 52-2 Ribbon Microphone" has images


    Took a chance on the ML52-2 Ribbon and in a word, "Psyched". I mostly record acoustic and electric guitars in combination with my Neumann and AKG C414's. I set the Oktava quite a distance from the acoustic and behind the Condensers to capture more ro…

  • Oktava ML-52

    Oktava ML-52 - "Oktava ML 52-2 Ribbon Microphone" has images


    After an exhaustive search I took a chance on the Oktava ML 52-2 Ribbon Microphone. I was very pleasantly impressed with the sound of this Mic, far exceeded my hopes, in a word it is a Fantastic Microphone, I put it up against Royer, Rode, sE, and ot…

  • Reslo RV Black Label

    Reslo RV Black Label - "Amazing English ribbon microphone used by The Beatles! Can be hand-held to sing!"


    Made in England in the 1960s by Reslosound, this model of mic was used by the Beatles in their early days at the Cavern club, and by many other British singers (taken from the mic-hawk site) I found it by chance while looking for a "classy" ribbon…

  • Coles 4038

    Coles 4038 - " The best microphone in the world"


    Microphones very heavy, fragile and delicate to handle tape, but it is also sturdy and well born, where his exceptional longevity, it never leaves indifferent, by the sound, its shape and design, it is in another world, far from the glitz and the pom…

  • Sontronics SIGMA

    Sontronics SIGMA - "Sounds and looks great"


    The Sontronics SIGMA is an active ribbon microphone with a larger price tag on it. But after just a few uses I realized that I have just purchased a microphone that I will be using for a long long time. This microphone is a phantom powered microphon…

  • CAD Trion 7000

    CAD Trion 7000 - "This mic will give you warmth"


    The CAD Trion 7000 is a dual element ribbon mic and I have been using it for almost 2 years now. This microphone can be used for brass and woodwind instruments as well as vocals and bass or acoustic guitars. This ribbon microphone has a figure 8 pola…

  • MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone

    MXL R40 Ribbon Microphone - "figure 8 pattern and a clean sound"


    The MXL R40 is a Ribbon Mic that comes with a shockmount and it is well made. I am not a fan of the color (teal-ish) but it is not that bad once you get it in your studio and set up. This microphone does not require phantom power so you will need to …

  • Royer Labs SF-24

    Royer Labs SF-24 - "Unreal!!"


    Royer SF-24 microphones where used in a studio downtown for a few years, whenever we had the chance to get into that particular studio we did because how much we loved these microphones. The SF 24 by Royer is a newer version of the SF 12. The SF-24 i…

  • Beyerdynamic M 160

    Beyerdynamic M 160 - "Multi Purpose"


    The Beyer Dynamic M 160 is a hypercardioid ribbon microphone. It has a double ribbon transducer that makes it a versatile microphone to use on a number of instruments as well as vocals. We have used this microphone as an overhead drum mic, it was one…