toots 04/17/2007

AEA R84 : toots's user review


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Dynamic microphone ribbon. For technical specifications see the test performed by "Recording Musician"


Professional (I'm a musician and composer and possde my own studio) I use it for two years notemment on acoustic instruments such as clarinets, harmonicas, guitars, bass, vocals, percussion, and also amps.
We must learn to find his adquate use: the sound is very diffrent good dynamic and well on a static quality.
I prfere is its relatively low register incomparable and very acute mat: it is
fabulous for bass clarinet for example, an amp, but more delicate voice or a different source or acute middle register is important.
it is the only microstrip I test but I compar neuman of KM 84 and 74, KM184-TLM170-TLM103 a Seinheiser MD441 and MKH404 and AKG 414 TL2,
This is an exellent micro incomparable to some sources-or hot is serious research, and high mids and treble very attnus which cash-in levs dynamics.
Attention to the breath, the ribbon is fragile (anti pop filter very recommended.
By knowing well it soon becomes essential for certain sources complmentaire way with one or two good static: 414, TLM 170 / U87
I do not regret my choice ... I played in dozens of albums in fabulous studios (like PCI Brussels) I never had the grain of the microphones for my instruments
(Clarinets and harmonica) even with a U47 or U67 ...
you need a good pre-amp so it gives its measure: as much tape (dynamic) has little level