stompboxjon 10/02/2012

AEA R84 : stompboxjon's user review

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The AEA R84 is a large ribbon microphone that comes with a carrying case and cost less than 1000 dollars. The AEA R84 is more of an do it all type of microphone, it can be used for almost anything , it has a very natural sound because of the 8 figure directional sensitivity. The R84 has a very smooth sound with clean hi’s and solid mids and lows. This microphone has really changed my view on ribbon microphones. It sounds great with recording piano’s as well has string and brass instruments. If you use it for vocals depending on how your voice is, it will sound amazing. If you have a lighter or weaker voice then you may need to boost some of the EQ’s to get a good sound with it though. You can record either live or studio with the R84 and it won’t make a difference. Either way the sound you capture will sound full and rich. I do prefer the sound in the studio more because the live sound does tend to pick up some unwanted sounds from around the room or wherever you are using it live at.


When you purchase the AEA R84 it will ome with a 10 foot microphone cable and a shock mount. The carrying case is foam lines so it protects the microphone. For the price, you will get way more than your money’s worth with the R84. I have been using it since 2010 and its an amazing microphone. I didn’t have to care instrument microphones around with my vocal mics. The R84 was just the 1 microphone that I would carry around to other members house in my group. Its an all in one solution to your recording needs. I am now looking into more Ribbon Microphones because of the R84, it has really opened my mind up to how versatile a ribbon mic is.